Men – Here Are The Phrases To Avoid On Your Internet Dating Profiles

We recently covered phrases that women put on their dating profiles and how this translates in a man’s brain. You can read that article here. It turns out that guys have been known to drop the odd cliché in their dating profiles too. Here are some of the best.

I’m willing to lie about how we met

Firstly it is the 21st century! Is there really still a stigma around internet dating? A good percentage of us have tried Tinder. Secondly, do you really want to start off by giving the impression you’re comfortable lying?

Holding a fish in your profile picture

Trying to find the origins of this is nigh on impossible. My guess would be that it is supposed to subliminally suggest that the person is a provider. That they can use their skills to make sure there is always food on the table. Fishing denotes strength and masculinity, right? Women mostly associate it with bad smells and a hobby that takes up masses of your free time.

I don’t want drama

When women see this they usually will assume that you have had drama. They also will probably assume you were the cause of the drama. You probably were the cause of the drama.

I’m not looking for anything serious

Do I need to even translate this? You may as well just say “I just want to get laid” at least it will show you are honest.

I’m learning to play the guitar

Means you can play the first three chords of Smoke On The Water. Literally, nobody is impressed by this.

I’m laid back and easy going

You may think you are creating the image of a cool, surfer dude. Ultimately when girls read this they think you are probably going to be lazy. Lazy isn’t sexy.

I’m sarcastic

Well good for you! Sarcasm may be the lowest form of wit but it’s also one of the most frequently used. This doesn’t make you unique. Pointing it out makes you look like a try-hard.

I’m not the best looking guy on here, but once you get to know me…

You may as well just declare that you are insecure. Deal with this issue privately. Most women are attracted to self-confidence. You may not like your thinning hair or your expanding belly, but don’t let it stand in the way of meeting your dream girl. Love yourself.

What you see is what you get

This usually denotes that you’re stubborn. If you have this in your profile and a photo of you in a football top women know you’re going to be on the terraces every Saturday.

I’m not like other guys. I want to get to know you

Every sleaze ball ever has used the line “I’m not like other guys”. If you read this sentence out loud, you literally can’t help but sound like a jerk. Just avoid it.

No kids – that I know of

Translates to I’m a big man-whore and I want you to find that endearing. We all have a past but bragging about your promiscuity isn’t cool and isn’t sexy. We all want a used car with just one previous owner!

Big spoon seeks little spoon

This was first used on a personal add, in 1973, it was cute then. Now it’s hackneyed and trite. Yes, women do want a guy who can be tender, but they don’t want a total wet wipe. Don’t be that guy.

I want to go travelling

Meaning you haven’t already. Why not just cut out the nonsense and put in your bio “I am devoid of culture”?

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