This Is Britain’s Most Haunted Castle

Castles seem to be out of fashion. Kids these days don’t go crazy for knights in the way they used to. Which is a real shame as there are some fabulous castles littered throughout the British countryside. Most of them boast tales of their history but one, in particular, has a host of stories related to it. Berry Pomeroy castle.

Brief history

The castle contains a Tudor mansion within the grounds of an earlier castle. It was built by the Pomeroy family in the 15th century and was taken over by the Seymour family. Perhaps most famous for the fact that Jane Seymour married Henry the eighth.

Vaguely interesting but…

Okay so if history alone isn’t enough to spark your interest. If you are not bowled over by the picturesque nature of the building, perhaps you will find its reputation more interesting. Berry Pomeroy castle is said to be Britains most haunted castle. A brave claim indeed but with some merit.

General weirdness

People who have visited the castle have reported various phenomena. Claims include strange noises, weird smells, feeling of dread and even feeling sick. On top of this many people claim to have seen apparitions.

The Cavalier

The cavalier stands outside the building twirling his moustache. There are no stories as to his origins or why he might potentially be there.

The Guardsman

He patrols the castle’s ramparts. Not unlike an Angler fish, people are attracted to his lantern. People who have claimed to see him suggest that he gives a menacing look before disappearing.

Pomeroy’s leap

Rumour has it that two Pomeroy brothers were locked in the castle as it faced attack. Sensing their impending doom they both donned full suits of armour and rode their horses off the cliff edge. This area is therefore known as Pomery’s leap. People report hearing galloping and crashing noises in this area.


If you happen to wander by the kitchens you may be blessed with seeing or sensing Isabella. The stories say that she was a young girl of about 10 years old who entered the kitchen and saw her mother being attacked. She tried to intervene but both she and her mother were killed. There is no historical evidence to support this. However, sightings of a ghost child in the kitchen area are common. Some people have even claimed that the ghost followed them home.


People have reported seeing large black dogs in the castle grounds and when they go to explore the dogs disappear. The cynic in me would suggest that these are probably just dogs. It is a nice area for a dog walk. However, now it is a national heritage site I’m not sure that dogs are allowed there. Spooky.

White lady

Perhaps the most famous of the ghosts that haunt the castle. This ghost is most seen in St Margaret’s tower and is thought to be the ghost of Lady Margaret Pomeroy herself. Legend has it she was imprisoned by her sister due to her good looks.


The Cane Bearer

This Is an apparition generally spotted outside the castle using twigs and twine to make baskets. Not unlike Isabella rumours persist that she follows you home.

Blue lady

Thought to be a daughter of the Pomeroy family who was abused by her own family. She fell pregnant and the baby was terminated. The Blue lady appears mainly to men. She cries for help and it is said if you follow her cries she will lead you to the most dangerous parts of the castle and attempt to push you off. She is also considered to be a harbinger of death.

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