I Bet You Didn’t See These Movie Twists Coming

As long as Hollywood has been churning out movies it has been attempting to shock the audience. Take for instance in Psycho, when you think it’s Norman Bates but it was really his mum all along! The art in it is dripping in clues so upon watching again you “kick yourself” because you never saw it coming. The films on this list are artistic masterpieces. Oh, by the way, this article contains spoilers.


Some of you may be put off the Saw films due to the fact they have been milked for all they are worth. Overlooking that for a second, the original was a quality movie. As well as being brutally grotesque it was also a real thriller. It kept you guessing throughout. And I challenge anyone to tell me that they weren’t surprised at the end when the supposed “dead guy” turned out to be Jigsaw. One of the best movie twists ever.

Ex Machina

This is a film about a cruel, but incredibly smart AI designer. The robotics expert creates human-like robots but then abuses them. In order to test his robots, he hires a journalist. The journalist falls for the robot and helps her to escape her cruel master. It transpires that the robot was just using him and eventually turns on him. Locking him in the mansion to starve to death.


Fight Club

We are breaking the rules of this movie just by talking about it. Fight club is about two guys who co-found a fight club. This club grows and branches out to become a cult. The film delicately weaves an anti-consumerism message into a narrative that displays toxic masculinity at its worst. The twist comes when “jack” realises that he alone started the fight club and his destructive alter ego, Tyler Durden, had been “ruining” his life.

Usual Suspects

In the Usual suspects, 5 criminals are called in on suspicion of a massacre that happened at a dockyard. The police believe they are after a criminal mastermind by the name of Keyzer Soze. It turns out that Keyser Soze is actually the man telling them the tale of how all the crimes were orchestrated. Unfortunately, the police figure this out too late. As do most of the audience.

Empire Strikes Back

Yes, we all know that Vader is Lukes father now. And it easy to watch the original Star Wars and nod with appreciation as Owen and Beru say “he’s got too much of his father in him”, “that’s what I’m afraid of”. But way back in 1980 literally nobody saw it coming.


The pop-culture laden Scream revitalised the “slasher” genre. In classic slasher fashion, there is a big twist when it comes to revealing the killer. In this case, there are two of them and one of them everybody thought was dead. A classic twist.


This wonderful thriller is dark and gruesome. In it, a serial killer acts out the seven deadly sins. The film comes to a climax in the desert where the detectives Mills and Somerset discover that the sixth sin was the murder of Mills wife. The killer then goads Mills into the seventh sin, killing him in wrath.

The others

In this creepy horror film, a mother and her two children are terrorised by spirits. It transpires that the spirits are actually the real residents of the home and it is the movies protagonists that are the ghosts.

Secret Window

In this entertaining thriller, Johnny Depp is a writer suffering from writer’s block. He is accused of plagiarism and endures all manner of nasty experiences courtesy of an unknown source. The plot twist comes when it transpires that the person carrying out these acts is Depp’s character himself. Who is suffering from dissociative disorder.

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