Here Are Some Homemade Fast Food Ideas For Those On The Go

Being a millennial can be hard work. In this generation, of course, everything happens at 100 miles per hour. It can be dizzying trying to keep up and quite often, as a result, our diet is effected. The token fruit pot you pick up with your meal deal doesn’t equate to five a day and your waist is expanding because when you get back from work you haven’t got the energy to cook. Here are some fast food options that aren’t going to pile on the pounds.

Tins of soup

The key to “good” fast food is that it should be relatively filling, low in calories and quick. A good old tin of tomato soup will leave you feeling full and satisfied. It is low in calories and the prep time is a couple of minutes in your microwave. In fact, the only real downside is that you have to wash up your bowl afterwards. But you can’t have it all! If like me you are a dipper, perhaps swap out your bread for rice cakes to make it even healthier.


Zero prep time as you can pick this up from the supermarket pre-prepared. If you are getting a meal deal this is what you need rather than a nasty sandwich. Sushi is high in protein and delicious. Plus you get the added bonus of looking really cool and trendy when you eat it. Just make sure you don’t get a bottle of Lucozade and McCoys as part of your meal deal, it will just undo all your hard work!

Protein shakes

This is a great breakfast substitute. You can pick up a premade bottle in Poundland so there is no prep time and no washing up! They are filling and high in protein (obviously). If you are a gym regular then you may already be on these, but they are perfect as a pre-gym brekkie substitute. Cheap too at a pound a pop.

Pasta Pots

I’m not talking about Pot Noodles! Do you know you can get those yummy pasta ‘n’ Sauce packets? Well, there is a convenient “Lunchable” variant now available. You just add water and they are almost as good as the real thing. Of course, the original packets aren’t exactly a slog to whip up! But not quite as quick and there’s more washing involved. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Pitta pizzas

These are so quick and great for giving you that pizza fix without indulging in a dominos. Simply grab a couple of pittas spread some jarred tomato sauce, Dolmio does the trick nicely and sprinkle some grated cheese on before banging them under the grill. Less doe equals fewer calories. If you wanted to go all-out you could whack some pepperoni on there too.

Quick tomato pasta

Boil some pasta and add half a jar of bolognese sauce. If you want to make it even better for you, use wholemeal pasta. There are dishes involved but honestly, the prep time is about 1o minutes.

fast food

Bowl of cereal

Cereal is not only a good way to start the day. It’s just good for you in general. it’s perfect as a late evening snack and there are so many varieties. Prep time is very minimal and you are only using a bowl and a spoon so easy on the dishes!




You can buy “porridge pots” from most supermarkets. Oats are a superfood and are mega filling. Plus because you are making them in a pot the only dishes involved are a spoon. Surely you can get away with just licking that clean and putting it back in the cutlery drawer?

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