Sleep Your Way To Better Mental Health With These Sleep Secrets

If you are someone who suffers from depression and anxiety then you are probably familiar with sleep issues. The two go hand in hand. Anxiety attacks can cause sleep issues, feeling tired leads to low mood, it’s a vicious cycle. Here are some ways for you to fight back and get sleep.

Have sex (or masturbate)

To begin with, this is great for depression itself! The rush of positive hormones from a sexual encounter is a great temporary boost. It can also be a fantastic way to aid sleep. Men literally release a hormone when they orgasm which makes them drowsy and when women orgasm they are using most of the muscles in their body. A particularly energetic session will tire you both out. If you haven’t got a partner then why not go solo?

Exercise (at the right time)

Exercise is great for tiring you out and should be part of your daily routine. However, going on a 10km run just before bedtime might not help your sleep in the way you think. Straight after the run, you will probably be tired but exercise releases various hormones and many of these will give you an energy boost, not what you need just before bed. So get your exercise done early and the effects should wear off in time for bed.

Avoid stimulants

It is said that an apple in the morning is just as effective at “waking you up” as coffee is. And stimulants aren’t just coffee and Red Bull. Tea can be heavily caffeinated, as can fizzy drinks. Sugar is another stimulant. Chocolate bars give you heaps of energy that may be unwanted come bedtime. If you are going to indulge in these things don’t do so in the evening. They will have an effect.

Read don’t watch

This may seem like a strange concept, especially as many of us nod off while watching the TV. However, studies have shown that watching TV and playing video games can stimulate too much brain activity. This can lead to us not being able to sleep when we go to bed. Reading however does not stimulate these parts of the brain and is a perfect pre-sleep habit.

A warm bath

In some ways, this approach is similar to having sex. If you have a bath with high-temperature water when you get out of it the chances are your blood pressure will increase. Ever had heart palpitations when exiting the bath? They are not uncommon. Often if you give yourself a quick dry after a nice warm bath and lie in a warm room you will naturally drift off.

Warm milk can be good

A glass of warm milk can indeed aid sleep. But be cautious! Too much sugar in the drink could act as a stimulant. Also if you are a little lactose intolerant this will just leave you feeling poorly.

Remove the tech

This can have a big impact. Your bedroom should be a room that you associate with sleeping. Having a TV in there may seem like a good idea (and many do) but on a psychological level, it can promote poor sleep. Also, gadgets with lights can play havoc with your sleep. Remove as much tech as you can from your bedroom, make the area a shrine to good sleep!


It is important not to go bed if you aren’t tired, but setting a rough bedtime and wake up time aren’t bad ideas. The routine will aid your sleep.

Avoid hefty foods

Eating rich, heavy foods before bed will lead to disturbed sleep. So if you are going to have spaghetti Bolognese, maybe eat it at 5:30 rather than 10 pm! Trust me your body will thank you for it.

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