Sci-Fi Lied To Us. Here Are The Things We Thought We Would Have In The Modern World.

If anyone watched sci-fi movies in the eighties you may be disappointed with how the modern world turned out. We were promised so much. Even Star Wars was set a long time ago and we haven’t got half of the cool stuff that they had. So here is a wistful look at where technology should be now.


Back to the future blatantly lied to us. Okay, so we finally have self-lacing shoes. However, where are the hovering skateboards? Surely this can’t be that difficult to do, can it? We have magnetic bullet trains. Can’t that tech be used to make skateboards?

Holographic communicators

So many old sci-fi movies had some form of communication device that produced a holographic version of the person you are talking to. Why isn’t this a thing yet? Apple spends so much time and effort on making their phone 0.2mm thinner. Why can’t they invent a frigging hologram thing?

Flying cars

Did I mention Back To The Future lied? Bladerunner too. They all suggested we would have flying cars. We have planes and drones, but no cars? What is that about? They have to have wheels that fold up and transform into their propulsion system too or I’m not interested.


In the defence of scientists, they have been able to transport an Atom from one place to another. One singular atoms though? How many atoms make up your average human? Up to 100 trillion and they all have to be arranged perfectly or you may end up becoming a banana or a dolphin. Perhaps we can leave this.

Realistic robots

We have all seen Ex Machina. To the credit of Robot creators, they are almost there with Sophia. However, when you look at her face it is a “little off. We want a robot that could be mistaken for a human, or Short Circuit. Actually, we would settle for a real-life R2 D2.


Our space travel has been hampered by the vastness of space. Either we need to prove wormholes are real and take advantage of them or create a craft that can exceed the speed of light. That’s probably not a thing, is it? Well, it is in Star Trek and Star Wars.

Space colonies

In Dr Who the human race colonises space. Yeah, we occasionally have people living in our space station, but where is the moon base? Where are the giant domes on the surface of Mars? Come on NASA pull your finger out.


This is one of the coolest bits of technology in Star Trek. A room where you live out fictional scenarios. It would be the ultimate video game. It would probably be just abused for rude reasons though.

Time machine

Bill and Ted, Dr Who…why can’t we do this yet? Somebody somewhere has got to be creating a time machine and if it doesn’t come in the form of a phone box then we ain’t playing.



Some kind of field that deflects light around your body so it appears that you aren’t there. Surely that’s an easy technology to create? Even Harry Potter can do this!

Super soldiers

Yes, I’m looking at you, Captain America! We understand what promotes muscle growth. We know how physical fitness works, we haven’t we been able to find a way to make the perfect soldier? Okay, the whole concept is pretty insidious but if it resulted in a real-life captain America would anyone really care?

Laser guns and Lightsabres

They need a stun mode too! Weaponry is boring. We are still using the same sort of guns we have had for decades. We have laser beams that can burn stuff, why haven’t these been weaponised? If nothing else it would make wars look cooler.

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