These Old-School Family Films Are Perfect If You Are Tired Of Cartoons

If you are a parent you will be well aware that kids watch the same films over and over again. It can be infuriating. So if you are sick and tired of the thirtieth replay of Frozen. If you just want them to just “let it go”. Here are some old school kids films that you might enjoy too.

Short Circuit 1 and 2

The sequel has more chuckles than the original. It also has the distinction of being one of the few family films in the eighties that didn’t star Steve Guttenberg. The loveable robot that becomes sentient is as charming today as he was 30 years ago and even kids today will be transfixed.

Bigfoot and The Hendersons

There was a TV show based on this as well. The Henderson family are out camping when they hit what they think is a bear with their car. They take the beast home only to realise it is the legendary Bigfoot. The animal wrecks their home! But eventually becomes part of the family. It is touching and sweet. The kids will fall in love with the gentle giant.

Flight of the Navigator

If you grew up in the eighties then you have probably already seen this. You have also probably pretended that the light that they use at the dentist is the artificial intelligence from a spaceship.

The Goonies

Many adults will remember fondly watching this as a kid. It is one of the best kiddy/adventure films about. Caution is advised with younger, or easily scared kids. Despite being family fun it can get a little bit creepy in places.

The Princess Bride

When you have Columbo and Kevin from the Wonder Years and they are not even the stars of the show you know it’s going to be a great movie. This epic adventure flick is comic genius and boasts the likes of Mel Smith and Andre The Giant among its cast. Inconceivable!

Gremlins 2

Don’t put on the first one! The first one is a horror movie, okay so it isn’t a particularly scary horror but I wouldn’t show it to kids. The sequel is far more fun. Still just a tad scary but in the sequel the Gremlins are more about mayhem than murder.


The first film even features a cameo from David “Mulder” Duchovny! As cute dog films go it is right up there with K9 and Turner and Hooch. The only reason those two missed the list is the “criminal element”.

The Labyrinth

Kids watch this bewitched by the fantasy characters and awesome music. Adults watch it transfixed by David Bowie’s package. He’s padded down there, right?

Mrs Doubtfire

One of Robin Williams most iconic roles. This heart-warming classic is brought to life by Williams who may well have been one of the finest actors of his generation.

Back To The Future

There were swanky cars, body warmers and crazy scientists with big hair. This amazing time-travelling adventure still looks great today. Michael J Fox’s finest hour.

Police Academy

The good thing about these films is that you have about 17 of them to choose from. The police-based comedy will tickle adults and kids alike.

Indiana Jones

This one probably isn’t suitable for the younger kids. We know what Indian Jones is all about. High Octane adventures, recovering treasure, fighting baddies. Share it with your kids. They deserve it.

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An early Tom Hanks role, but so so good. A teenage wish to become an adult goes awry. The story has been rehashed time and time again but never bettered.


The board game that comes to life. This adventure was recently remade but the original was a total classic.

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