If You Haven’t Tried Every Pudding On This List You Can’t Claim To Have A Sweet Tooth

We have all been there. You are out for dinner and have just put away your own bodies-weight in food. The waitress approaches and asks the question you have been dreading, “does anyone want dessert?”. You are stuffed, couldn’t eat another morsel. But as we all know, pudding goes into a separate belly. That is just scientific fact. Here are some of the best puddings you can stuff your face with.

Rice Pudding

Beware this one requires a larger “pudding belly” than most. If you need filling up on a cold winters day this is the pud for you. Tinned rice pudding is okay, but homemade rice pud is heavenly. Lush served either hot or cold, it is versatile too – you can add chocolate drops or jam.

Black Forest Gateaux

There is something magical about the combination of cream, cake, chocolate and yummy cherries. The problem with gateaux is we often buy them frozen and don’t let them thaw properly. They are well worth the wait. If your only experience of Gateaux involves it being “crunchy” you need to buy one now! And be patient!

Fruit Trifle

By fruit we mean sherry! It is basic but it’s also delicious. If you are posh then you may turn your nose up at such a simple dessert. If you are from “the hood” you will know you can’t beat a Birds trifle, complete with sponges and sprinkles.


Whoever came up with the idea of mixing coffee with pudding is a genius. Why have two separate courses? When done correctly this dessert is delicious. The easy, boozy Gordon Ramsey version is heavenly.

Panna cotta

It is fair to say that a great number of Panna Cotta’s end up looking a bit naughty. Perhaps it is the wobbly nature of the desert, but sticking a single strawberry on top, pointing upwards, is simply crude. Never-the-less this decadent, but surprisingly light dessert is delicious.



It isn’t just our Italian friends that produce a good pud. Mexican food is amazing and what better way to follow up your chimichanga than with a churro? For those of you unfamiliar they are a deep-fried dessert, similar to a doughnut, but dusted in cinnamon. Served up with ice cream and chocolate sauce they are almost unrivalled.

Apple Crumble

How do you make apple crumble? Hit it with a hammer! Sorry. Another fantastic winter warmer. Do not listen to people that claim this is supposed to be served with Ice Cream, they are evil. Custard is the only topping that is acceptable.


There are those of you who may screw their nose up at this pudding. Horrific memories of pre-nineties school dinners probably linger in their head. Along with tapioca, it is one of the most divisive puds available – but we happen to think it is yummy.

Eton Mess

Legend has it that the dessert originated in Eton when somebody dropped a pavlova. To be fair they are pretty much the same dessert, only one is more, messy. The great thing about an Eton Mess is you can bung pretty much anything in with your meringue and cream. Fruit? That works. Chocolate? Sure. Versatile.

Lemon Sorbet

Of course, we could have just gone with Ice Cream. However, sorbet is a different animal altogether. Far smoother than even gelato. Lemon is the ultimate flavour. It is refreshing and light and it cleanses your pallet. Really what more could you ask for?

Key Lime Pie

So much more than just cheesecake. Traditionally made with limes from the Florida Keys. However these days people just use any old limes. I’m not sure it really matters as this dish is still delicious either way.

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