8 Signs That You May Be Suffering From Depression

“I’m just a bit stressed, that’s all”. Sometimes that is all. However, there is a point where your constant feelings of stress, worry, low mood etc. actually need addressing. As you are probably aware these are signs that you may be suffering from depression. You won’t always be able to spot these for yourself but here are some warning signs. If you are feeling this way, go book a chat with your doctor.

Lack of energy

One of the biggest telltale signs is lethargy. We all have mornings where we can’t get ourselves out of bed. But when those mornings become the norm it probably needs to be something you deal with. General tiredness throughout the day could easily be written off and put down to poor sleep. However poor sleep is also a hint that you may be suffering from depression.


Lack of interest in things you enjoy

If you are someone who traditionally loves going out and partying. Or an avid football fan who plays twice a week and suddenly you can’t face doing these things you need to ask yourself why? Of course, as we grow older we mature, that’s part of life. However, a sudden loss of interest, or even dreading the things we once enjoyed can be a sign that not all is right in our lives.

Shutting people out

This is quite common and you may not even know you are doing it. How many times recently have you been invited to a friends house only to make an excuse and spent the night in watching Netflix instead? The occasional blow off for a more sedate life is okay. However, if you start making a habit out of it then it could be that you are shutting people out. Human beings are social creatures, even introverts need to interact with people to function.

Wait for gain/loss

This really can go either way. Either you are not bothering to cook for yourself because you have a lack of energy or you comfort eat. Either way, it can become a vicious cycle. You comfort eat to “cheer yourself up” but then become unhappy with your body shape and therefore feel low and eat more to cheer yourself up. Similarly, with the weight loss, the lack of nutrition leads to low energy. This low energy means you are less likely to cook yourself a nutritious meal and so the cycle continues.


Again it’s important to state we all have moments where we aren’t at our best. That’s okay. That is normal. However if over the course of the past few weeks you have been like a bear with a sore thumb then you may want to think about why that is. Other people will probably pick up on this before you.

Reckless actions

This ties in with your self-worth. When you are depressed you can get to the stage where you don’t really see a future for yourself and so make reckless decisions. This can manifest in ways like gambling on bets you can’t afford, overspending etc.


We all have off days. However, it is important that we have a general level of self-love. If you constantly berate yourself and feel like you don’t matter to anyone that isn’t a good place to be in. It isn’t normal to feel that way, that isn’t how everyone feels and you probably do need a little help at the moment.

Suicidal thoughts

If you start to think that you would be better off ending your life then you need to make a doctor’s appointment immediately. If you have several of these tell-tale signs then go speak to a professional. Even if you aren’t suffering with depression they can give you the advice to help you out of your funk!

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