British Teens Invent Colour Changing Condoms That Detect STIs

Condoms are super useful. In an age where people are more sexually liberated than ever, casual sex happens a lot. With casual sex comes STI’s. condoms help prevent these. They also help you avoid unwanted pregnancies meaning you get all the fun of sex without any of the baby dramas.


Even dating back to the Roman era there is some evidence suggesting that condoms were used. Some historians believe that the thin loin cloths used by certain high ranking soldiers may have also been used as a form of birth control. Then in the 15th century in Asia condoms were used that covered just the tip of the penis, though once again these were only really used by the upper classes.

In Europe in the 17th-century condoms were beginning to be used, mainly to prevent pregnancy. Due to this, they were condemned by the Catholic church. Condoms in this era were often made from linen or from animal intestines. Effectively making your penis into a human sausage. Into the 18th century and condoms became more mainstream, noted scientists disliked them as they didn’t (at the time) prevent syphilis.

During the 19th century, they started to be made from rubber. It was also around this time that they became available for the lower classes. Fast forward to the 1920s and the invention of latex. Condom use grew exponentially as soldiers were encouraged to use them to prevent STI’s spreading.





What can you get without them

STI spread is on the increase. In the UK alone in 2015 it was estimated there were nearly half a million cases. Bear in mind that the UK only has a population of about 50 million meaning that 1% of the entire population was carrying something. Scary, right? There are various STI’s you can catch and none of them are particularly pleasant.

At one end of the scale we have minor ailments such as chlamydia which only causes mild discomfort and if treated early won’t have any long-term repercussions all the way up to Aids/Hiv while these aren’t the “death sentence” they once were there is no known cure for this condition and it will shorten your life.

Current proposal

These days we have all kinds of condoms available. There are shaped ones designed to add to the sexual, pleasure. You can get flavoured condoms to make oral sex more enjoyable. But all of these novel condoms have been around for some time. There hasn’t been any real innovation for decades, that is until recently.

A couple of teenagers from the UK have developed a really novel idea which may yet catch on and see development. Their genius idea is to design condoms that change colour when they come in to contact with an STI. For instance, they may turn red when somebody has Gonorrhoea or green if they are suffering from chlamydia.


Flaws in the plan

Of course, this idea is not without its setbacks. What if a person has more than one condition? What colour would the condom turn then? There’s also the matter of whether it would pick up diseases purely from the person wearing the condom or if it would only work on the person who the condom was being inserted into. I guess these are flaws that need to be considered but either way, the simple idea could well lead to a revelation in the way we practice safe sex.

In the meantime

If you are going to take part in casual sex be smart about it. Wear a condom and get yourself checked regularly. A lot of STI’s are mildly irritating but there are some with horrendous ramifications. Be safe peeps.

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