Is The Popularity Of Fortnite Reaching An End?

Perhaps I’m too old for fortnite. Maybe I am not their core demographic. I have tried a couple of times to play it. One time was purely curiosity another time as I wanted to bond with my step kids. Having given it a fair go it’s fair to say, I don’t like the step kids enough to play again.


Not to be a videogame “hipster” but I knew about fortnite a long time before most of the kids who play it these days did. I was a huge fan of Gears of War and the idea of a game based largely around “horde mode” sounded like my idea of heaven. I followed the game intently, reading articles about its lengthy development cycle.

Battle Royal

The multiplayer did involve crafting elements but the focus was really on a large multiplayer shooting game. It was a Call of a Duty style free-for-all with a third-person perspective and cutesy graphics and kids ate it up like Super Mario eats up a pizza. (I apologise if that’s an unfair stereotype, but I have seen the movie, he loves pizza).

Cultural phenomena

The game has taken on a life of its own now. The younger generations seldom talk about anything else! Merchandise for the game flies of the shelf at an alarming rate and professional footballers rip off the dances for their goal celebrations. In fact, just today Argentinian side Independiente announced their squad for the new season with a parody of the game! The game has become this generations version of World Of Warcraft only it isn’t considered geeky. It’s cool to be good at fortnite.

But is it worth the popularity

I think that games that involve such a large amount of players playing together are always going to garner some popularity. Making it free was a stroke of genius as I am sure plenty of people sink large amounts of cash into their”v-bucks” currency. After all who wants to be the guy playing with a newbie-skin? Although online gaming was crying out for something like this I don’t think Fortnite would have been the success that it is if it weren’t the perfect storm.

Perfect storm

The free to play model with packs and being able to earn as well as buy the currency keeps people playing. It is a system designed to be addictive and it achieves that. Coming first in a match is considered prestigious and there are countless YouTubers playing the game, what this means is that when people aren’t playing fortnite they are watching fortnite videos.

Future of fortnite

Is the game here to stay? Fortnite has been running long enough now to not be classed as a “flash in the pan”. However will it continue its current level of popularity? It may well do. Games that have dominated on x-box live have tended to do so for years rather than months – Gears of War, Halo etc. It is estimated that the game has a player base of about 150 million – those are not rookie numbers.

Making paper

The game’s profits took a dip recently. Although many believe this is due to the release on the Nintendo Switch and a poor content pack. It will be interesting to see if the game bounces back from the minor slump and you have to think with the number of people playing it that it will. Will I give it another try? Well, I keep seeing the single player version on sale and I have to say that is tempting, has anyone tried it? If you have plays drop us a message and let me know if it’s any good!

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