Netflix Versus Amazon Prime Which TV Service Is For Me?

There are some debates that will rage over the ages. Man United or Liverpool, The Yankees or The Red Sox, Dominos Or Pizza Hut. But perhaps the most pressing issue of the modern world is Netflix versus Amazon Prime.

So here is the Versed to help you make the decision. Of course, you could just pay £14 a month and have them both, but there’s only so much TV you can watch in a month, right? That wasn’t a challenge!


There is no doubt that Netflix has become a television heavyweight, in many ways it started the online TV revolution back in the late nineties. It has come a long way since then. Initially, it started as a mail-order DVD rental system. You chose which film you wanted and then got to watch it before mailing it back. It was revolutionary and was a big blow to the video rental industry.

Netflix was initially successful but at one point were almost brought out by Blockbuster. Fast forward to 2007 when they ditched the idea of a box that downloads films and following in the footsteps of Youtube instead released their online streaming service. Since then it has grown massively in popularity and now has a production element. Making shows and films that are exclusive to the streaming service.

Amazon Prime

In 2008 Amazon jumped on the bandwagon. Initially, the service was designed for people to instantly download Amazon purchases. It was a novel idea but didn’t really take off. These days it is a service that mirrors Netflix, similarly, it has its own unique content as well as swatches of classic movies and TV shows.

How similar are they?

In a word, very! Even the interface has a similar feel. It makes comparison inevitable, but that also makes deciding which service to use a complex decision. We are going to try and break it down for you.

Advantages of Netflix

I know we just said that the interfaces are very similar however there are subtle differences. Netflix does have a handy feature where the first row of their content is shows you have recently watched. What this means is that it is straightforward to dive back into the shows you have been binging on. When you first create a Netflix account it asks you for three shows that you like and uses this to make suggestions for your future viewing. Once again this is a nice touch.

Content is king, right? Netflix has lots of it! On top of their own original content, the company buys exclusive rights to a wealth of TV classics from yesteryear. You could watch Netflix every hour of every day and still find new content, it is vast. Prime Video is too, but Netflix has the edge.

Advantages of Amazon Prime

Obviously, Amazon does have its own exclusive content and if the exclusives that they roll with are more up your street then it may be a deciding factor. However, there is more to Amazon Prime than just a streaming TV subscription and this is what gives Amazon the edge. With a Prime subscription, you get free delivery on millions of items on the Amazon website. You also get limited access to Amazon music. If you do a lot of online shopping you can save yourself back your subscription fee in just a few purchases making a subscription a bit of a no-brainer.

So which do I go for?

It sort of depends on which exclusives seem more appealing. Ultimately Amazon does offer some non-tv related benefits but Netflix is marginally the better TV service. It is a close run contest and really we would have to call it a draw.

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