How To Know If You Have Crossed The Line From Cute To Creepy

There is a very distinct line between cute and creepy. You may think that always saying good morning to that girl you like is charming. She has told her boyfriend and he wants to kick your ass. It’s a fine line and some of us cross it far too regularly. So here are some examples of crossing the line.

Cute barista.

You use the same coffee shop every day and the barista there is super cute. You have chatted with them briefly and you have a decent rapport. Because you are not creepy you know you shouldn’t hit on someone while they are at work. However, you never see them outside of work. Leaving them your number on a napkin is cute, waiting for them to finish work is creepy.


Sliding into DM’s

You have been social media vibing with a boy/girl for a few weeks and finally, pluck up the courage to drop them a private message. If you word it correctly you may come across as cute (if a little bit cliché). However, sending pictures of your boobs or your peep is definitely creepy!


In this day and age, so many people are looking for “bants” that the art of paying a compliment seems almost lost. It needs to make a comeback. As with everything, there are lines that mustn’t be crossed. Good example, That’s a really lovely dress” or “You have a pretty smile” bad examples “You have nice eyes, they remind me of my mums”, “I bet you have really sexy entrails.” Be smart, don’t be Ted Bundy.

Sharing clothes

Most men love it when their significant throws on one of their shirts. We get an even bigger kick out of it if it’s one of our football tops! However, the other way round is creepy. If she comes home and you are wearing one of her blouses she probably will not smile and give you a longing sigh.

Taking charge

This line so thin that it is basically made of spider-silk. People tend to find assertiveness attractive. Bossiness, not so much. Strong is good, domineering isn’t – you know unless you had a fetish. If you need an example… “I booked us dinner tonight, you have an hour to get ready” is probably good. “You need to polish my shoes and make my dinner” is bad.


Strategically placed just after the section on assertiveness. Once you are past dating a healthy relationship needs give and take. Sometimes you have to concede and let the other person have their own way. Letting them win battles is cute, it’s a good thing. Being a wet-blanket, walkover, well it isn’t creepy, but it isn’t sexy either. And don’t we all want to be sexy?

Double messages on dating apps

Ohh controversial opinion, but actually it’s okay to double message. Have a bloody spine people is your ego really that fragile that sending two messages without a response in between makes you come across desperate? Double messages are cute. 14 un-replied messages are not. There is a line.

Relationship statuses

In some ways, it is an indictment on society that we place so much stock in somebodies relationship status. But we do. When you start seeing someone it is cool when you start sharing pictures of the two of you together and it is a big deal. It is sweet when you change your relationship status. It is creepy if you don’t ask first. It’s even more creepy if you have only had one date.

So there we have it. A few simple rules to help you on your way. If you feel you are straying down the path of creepy – grow a moustache.

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