The Best Video Game Franchises Of All Time

As with movies if a game makes a company a lot of money it is probably going to get a sequel. However in the gaming industry games with truly memorable characters often spawn multiple games over several generations. Here are some of the most memorable video game franchises of all-time.


The series has two fantastically well-rounded characters In its lead roles and that is part of what makes this game so good. They are already on 4 main games plus there are spin-offs and several pieces of notable downloadable content. The unchartered series may well be the best reason to buy a PlayStation.


Although the storylines don’t blend cohesively together in the way they might for a more linear series, Zelda is a franchise steeped in critical and commercial success. The game manages to reinvent itself. Every new Zelda game is well received and wins awards and sales alike.

Gears of War

One of Microsoft’s flagship titles. Gears of War’s initial trilogy manages to whip a dose of sentiment into a game about guys that look like action figures. It is over the top, gory and when Dom rescues Maria there wasn’t a dry eye in the house! We are still awaiting our Gears movie. Personally, I’d like to see the WWE’s Big E playing the Cole Train, but that’s just me.



Arguably the game that put the X-Box on the map. The first person shooter contains a winning combination of vehicle driving and laser beams. It stole our hearts with its tales of Master Chiefs struggles. Though famed more for its action than its story there is still a good deal of lore to be found in the series.

Grand Theft Auto

Although each iteration acts as its own entity their games do have ties. Occasionally you get the main characters from previous games show up in the later incarnations and there are so many “Easter eggs” in the GTA series that they could fill an article in their own right. It doesn’t hurt that the GTA series is one of the most commercially successful of all time.

Mass Effect

The Mass Effect trilogy may well represent some of the best video game storytelling of all time. What the game does so well is put choice at its forefront. This is no more evident than in the second game where the decisions you make will literally decide who lives and plays a part in Mass Effect three.

The Witcher

The series about a gifted demon killer features a fantastic story arc with memorable characters. The excellent and unique gameplay make this game stand out from the pack.


If Unchartered is the best reason to get a PlayStation then pokemon is the best reason to grab a DS. The franchise has been running since back in the early days of the Game Boy. And just recently it has been dragged beautifully into the modern world.


The post-apocalyptic world they have created in the Fallout series is breath-taking. The classic roleplaying game manages to mix the bleakness of a post-apocalyptic world with a splash of dark comedy.

The Elder Scrolls

While each game stands on it its own the interconnected law is what makes it such a cohesive series. These are games with infinite replayability. You could waste a good portion of your life just reading the various books that are contained within the games. This is role-playing at its best.


What is great about the Bioshock series is how they subtly link the games together. They are stand alone but there are enough nods to previous games to make them feel connected. Infinite has one of the most intriguing storylines in any game I have played.

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