How Exactly Does A Flat Earther Explain Their Nonesense?

One of the best memes in recent times is the “flat earthers society have supporters all over the globe”. It is easy to sit and laugh at those that believe the world is flat. Many would just assume they are making their claims just to be subversive. According to psychological studies, there will be people that actually believe it.

Stranger than fiction

Most of us believe the earth is a sphere. It ties in with our picture of the universe as a place with many spherical objects orbiting around many other spherical objects. To most of us, this is so terribly mundane and ingrained that it seldom crosses our mind. However, to the flat earther, these notions seem ridiculous as they fly in the face of all their anecdotal evidence.

That’s the thing when a flat earther looks at the horizon and doesn’t see a curvature they know that the world is flat as they have seen it with their own eyes. So although some of the pseudo-science they use to explain all of the experiences seems ridiculous, any concept that negates what they have seen with their own eyes no matter how irrefutable it seems just strikes them as being ridiculous. Let’s take a look at how a flat earth “works”

The theory

The earth is a flat disk and at the centre of that disk is the arctic circle. Around the outside of that disk is the Antarctic which is a wall of ice that prevents the water from “falling off” This wall is protected by Nasa to prevent the truth being revealed. All of those space pictures showing that the earth is a sphere are hoaxes. Nasa is basically a conspiracy because it is far cheaper to fake a space program than it is to actually fund one and let’s be honest, the world is motivated by money.

As for gravity…that isn’t the force that stops us floating off into space. It is the fact that the disk we are living on is accelerating upwards. As for lunar eclipses, well they are caused by something called an “anti-moon” which prevents us from being able to see the moon. The weirdness continues as they attempt to explain stars, our solar cycle and a wealth of other things, like the aurora. Things all neatly explained by the earth being spherical.

Is it just me

Here’s an interesting idea. Assume for a minute that the earth is flat. Then consider all of the systems proposed by science to explain the idea that the earth is a sphere. For starters the idea that in a vacuum that an objects default state is to move at a constant speed must seem completely alien. So the idea that the moon can constantly orbit the earth must seem like science fiction. Many of the theories we know to be true might sound absurd had we not been taught how the world works.

Global conspiracy

There are plenty of simple experiments you can do to show that the earth is indeed a sphere. However, it is interesting to consider if the earth was flat the level of conspiracy needed in order to perpetuate that lie. Effectively all decent-level scientists would need to be in on it. And anybody with a pilots license would presumably have to be let into the “circle of trust” too. Or (more likely) the people who designed the planes who have done so to make people believe that they can go around the “globe”. Perhaps the biggest question isn’t how they would pull off such a lie. Perhaps the question should be why would they? What could possibly be gained from lying about the shape of our planet? Yeah, we couldn’t think of anything either.

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