Here Is How You Can Build The Ultimate Playlist Using Your Instagram Followers


Back in 2018 Instagram introduced a number of new features, including the ability for users to add music to their photos and videos in Instagram Stories, along with an interactive questionnaire sticker feature. One popular part of one of the new features is a new “Music” mode, which allows users to record a video while a song is playing. Now, we’ve seen Instagram slowly rolling out a new feature that allows users to take the Questionnaire sticker feature, add it to their own videos of photos and choose a new music option, which will allow their followers to link them music to form an exciting playlist created solely from their own followers or fan base.

Both the questions sticker and the ability to add music to Stories arrived during around June of 2018 — the questions sticker in July and the music-in-Stories feature a few weeks earlier at the end of June. Both features are pretty self-explanatory and do pretty much what you’d expect them to – the questions sticker, which can be added to any Instagram Story the same way you add any other detailed GIFs, emojis, or tagged follower, allows you to give your viewers a prompt to which they can respond directly in your Story, which can as a result give you a whole new way to engage with your followers.

Additionally, the new music-in-Stories sticker feature now lets you add a musical soundtrack to any photo or video in an Instagram Story from directly within the app itself, with no need to back out of Instagram to use a separate third party app for that same purpose. The music feature does have some limitation though. While the feature does bring a lot of new features to users, it still has a long way to progress and grow, like in it’s music library, for example. Unfortunately, using the feature means you can’t just use any old song – it has to be one offered by Instagram’s built-in music library. However, it’s overall a much more convenient way to add some new music to your Stories and make them more interesting for your following to view.

To use it, just pop a questions sticker into your Story like you usually would. When you do, you’ll notice that there’s now a little musical note icon. Select the musical note button and when your followers respond to your question, they’ll be able to do so with a song pulled from Instagram’s music library. Tapping on your followers’ responses will let you listen to the songs they picked out. You can also share your favourite responses to your Story, as well as take photos and videos with the songs playing.

The new features began exciting Instagram lovers when Instagram started recognising the new Spotify integration which allowed users to have access to a new camera effects platform. Additionally, Celebrities and other users adapted the ability to create text styles, stickers, and face filters.

So how does it work? When you’re in the Spotify application, you now have the ability to share the content directly to Instagram Stories. In addition, Instagram also rolled out a popular feature that allowed users to send their story as a direct message to another Instagram user, which added a new layer of privacy and direct messaging to the social media app. Additionally, it also allowed users to share stickers, playlists, or albums of the content you’re listening to with your followers.

Instagram is also set to begin implementing Facebook’s Camera Effects Platform, which would open up the world of AR within your Instagram content. So, if you see an effect that one of your friends used, then you can “try it on” and it will be added to your queue of effects to test out.

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