There Are The Best Cop Movies Of All Time

At one point in history, somebody looked at the police and thought “aw what, their job looks cool”. They decided to make films about it and the cop movie was born. The cop movie isn’t the coolest thing about being alive, but it does rank in the top three. Here are some of the greatest cop movies of all time.

Die Hard

This would also appear on a list of the greatest Christmas movies. The series has had its highs and its lows, but most would agree that the first three movies were uniformly brilliant. Following John McClane, as he battles against terrorists, they managed to get the perfect balance of humour and action.


Lethal Weapon

There are two main categories of the cop movie. The type with the “lone wolf” facing almost impossible odds and the “buddy cop” movie. The one featuring partners. Usually, they will usually have little in common. That is the case of the odd couple Riggs and Murtaugh. The series of films once again captures that sweet spot where comedy meets action.

Bad Boys

Remember that scene from Hot Fuzz where Danny asks “You ain’t seen Bad Boys 2?” The series is a classic. The demand for a third instalment is constant and it is no surprise. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have an amazing rapport that means this movie would rank highly on most people’s lists.

The Last Boyscout

Perhaps not the most famous of cop movies but well worth a watch. It has Bruce Willis in it. Do you really need to know more than that? It also stars the brilliant Damon Wayans as a former football star. The unlikely duo has a fantastic on-screen rapport and it translates into an underrated action film.


Damon Wayans shows his face on the list once more. This time he buddies up with Adam Sandler. Damon plays the undercover cop that betrays his criminal “best friend”. Adam Sandler accidentally shoots Wayans and then is forced into his protective custody. Hilarity ensues!

Rush Hour

Jackie Chan movies have always been wildly entertaining. Seeing him perform his martial arts and his stunts is always awe-inspiring. When coupled with the comic stylings of Chris Tucker it is taken to a new level. All three films are brilliant.

Hot Fuzz

This is a comedy first but there is no shortage of action. It is a comic homage to the classic buddy cop movie. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are fast becoming the world’s most famous comedy duo. The pair has a host of amazing movies in their locker including this, and the brilliant, Paul, and Shaun of The Dead.



The premise at the heart of the movie speed is there is a cop stuck on a bus that has to go above 50 miles per hour in order to avoid exploding. UK watchers all watch this thinking the same thing. “There is no way a British bus would even get as fast as that. It’s a great movie though. Action packed and slick.


This is a proper 80’s throwback movie. It is surprisingly dark and deals with issues like societies over-reliance on technology. It is because of this that the movie seems relevant even today. This is less comedic than some of the other movies on the list, but it has what is effectively a Star Wars ATST so cut it some slack.

Demolition Man

If you haven’t seen this movie and you decide to you will be left wondering, as is everyone, how the three seashells work. Sandra Bullock makes her second entry on the list and Sly Stallone his first. This action-packed, futuristic classic is a wonderfully light action move and well deserving of its place on the list.

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