Contraception Minefield? Here’s What You Can Use

“Put something on the end of it.” Is the oft-repeated catchphrase of Talk-show host Jeremy Kyle. Of course, he is referring to a condom. One of the more commonly used forms of contraception. The Condom helps protect against STI’s but for the purpose of this article, we will just be focusing on the fact it prevents unwanted pregnancy. Here are some of the most commonly used methods of contraception.

The Pill

One of the most commonly used forms of contraception and with good reason it’s pretty reliable. Although it can let you down if you have a virus or if you are taking antibiotics. Also because of the hormone-altering nature of the drug it can cause side effects although some of these are beneficial.

caps or diaphragms

These are rubber caps that are inserted into the woman’s vagina. Some women claim these are “icky” (it’s a technical term). They don’t mess with your hormones though but do require the use of spermicide to compliment them.


In the movie Fight Club, this is referred to as the glass slipper of our generation. That may trivialise what is a top notch method of contraception. As well as being great at preventing STI’s it doesn’t mess with hormones either. You can also pick them up free form the family planning clinic. The only real downside is they can come off and some people have a latex allergy.

The implant

This is one of the devices that manipulates your bodies hormones in order to prevent pregnancy. It is very dependable and low maintenance. The downsides are it can have side effects due to the excess of hormones. Also, some people dislike the idea of having stuff inserted under their skin.

The injection

This is good for people who can’t remember to take the pill as the injection can last between 2-3 months. As with any form that increases hormones it can have side effects. These can include weight gain and this puts some people off this method.

Female condoms

Similar to their male counterpart but these are inserted into the vagina. These are far larger than a regular condom and aren’t quite so effective, although there isn’t much in it. If you have issues touching your intimate area these probably aren’t for you.

The Coil

There are two kinds of coil, both are inserted into your uterus. This is the ultimate in long term solutions offering up to five years of protection. There are some potential side effects to using this method, but weight gain isn’t one of them.

Vaginal ring

This is a hormone emitting ring that you insert into the vagina. It doesn’t interfere with sex and doesn’t need you to remember to take anything. You do need to take it out every three weeks and leave it out for a week, but you are protected during that week.

Pull Out

There is a long-running joke about what do you call people who practice the withdrawal method of contraception…dad. While it lacks the effectiveness of other methods it isn’t quite as bad as the press it is given with a 75-95% success rate.


This is a bit extreme. But if you just don’t want kids anymore this may be the choice for you. Reversals are possible but they don’t always take and they are expensive. Also just after the opp you are still potentially fertile.


Of course, you could just not have sex. This has proved 100% effective in preventing pregnancy and prevents nearly all STI’s! Of course, the downside is that you don’t get to have sex and it is pretty good by all accounts. Without it, most of us wouldn’t be here.

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