Britain Released Its Top Secret UFO Files And Nobody Really Cares

Exciting news for all you budding UFOlogist’s, conspiracy theorists and former X-Files fans…or maybe not, depends on how you view it!

The British government has released all of its UFO files. To date 15 out of the 18 are viewable by the public. I mean yeah there’s a slight caveat to that and that’s the fact that they aren’t available in digital format so you have to take a trip to Kew in London to see them, but surely that’s a small price to pay?

Although once you’ve read the article you might want to save your pennies for that Area 51 trip instead.

Keep calm and carry on

At first, the lack of digital copies of the documents got all the “true believers” and “free thinkers” excited. Their minds jumped to the conclusion that this was a deliberate ploy by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) in order to quell any excitement over the documents.

Well if that is the case, and people have figured out that then the jokes on the MOD! Unless the MOD knew that’s how people would react…wow is anyone else thinking of that scene with the wine in the Princess Bride right now?

Carl Mantell of the RAF’s Air Command suggested back in 1999 that there had been a wealth of UFO sightings reported to the MOD. However, not one single case ever turned up anything that might have been considered a link to extra-terrestrial visitations.

Old news

Most of the Ministries files had already been released back in 2013. Once again these weren’t digital but have been available in the national archives and there haven’t been a wealth of people getting excited about the content – presumably, some people went to view them, right?

I guess the excitement is that the documents that have now (mostly) been released were held because the MOD deemed them unsafe for public consumption for whatever reason.

Although they were subject to the UK’s Freedom of Information Act the Mod wanted to re-examine the files before release. Which is where the wild speculation began.

Of course, now most of those files have been released and there seems a real sense of apathy towards them. Which is weird because there are still those accusing the Mod of not releasing the files digitally to subdue public interest. But then why would they want the public interested?


The thing is if the MOD had made a song and dance about the release of the files people would have assumed they were being used as a smokescreen for something else. So really the organisation can’t win! I guess conspiracy theorists gonna theorise.

In 2009 the Mod released a statement signifying that their release of the formerly classified files had been a successful one. The suggestion was that the files had garnered a good deal of public interest both nationally and internationally. They also intimated that people who had viewed the files seemed content. The MOD also commented on the small subsection of ufologists who would never be satisfied no matter what the organisation did. Commenting that they will continue to choose to believe whatever they want.

Some interest

Hidden amongst the files are details of a particularly exciting period between 2008-2009. During that time period, the UFO desk got an unprecedented 851 reports.

Notably was a massive amount of people reporting seeing red, orange lights floating in the sky. The reports suggested these were going against the wind at times, that they bobbed up and down and travelled in an unusual formation.

It transpired that they were all just Chinese Lanterns! The truth is out there, in London. But it might not be as exciting as you’d hoped!.

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