The Truth Behind The Bermuda Triangle

For several decades the Bermuda triangle has captured the imagination of the public and scared the living daylights out of travellers forced to cross through its treachery! A scientist has seemingly put to bed all of the mystery by claiming there wasn’t one, to begin with.

Karl Kruszelnicki claims that the reason that there are so many disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle is a combination of a few minor things that are totally mundane and boring. He points his finger at poor weather, human error and the fact that it’s a pretty busy area of the ocean.


The Bermuda triangle goes by a host of different monikers. The area just of the coast of Puerto Rica is referred to as ‘Hoodoo Sea’, ‘Devil’s Triangle’, ‘Limbo of the Lost’ and a crap-load of other scary sounding names. It covers a good surface area measuring more than 250,00 square miles and as Kruszelnicki points out it’s a busy area!

Which you know, is a fair point. When compared to comparably busy areas the disappearance levels in this patch of ocean seem to be quite a bit higher. Well apparently according to insurers Lloyds of London the disappearance rate is the same here as it is everywhere else.

Flight 19

What is the credential of this scientist who is blowing apart years of frankly very cool conspiracy theories? Well, he has a fellowship at the University of Sydney. So that’s pretty impressive! He claims the origins of the myths and legends surrounding the area spring from the loss of “Flight 19.”

If you are unfamiliar with the story it was a group of bombers that were travelling from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on December 5 1945. The planes were set to take part in routine training over the Atlantic Ocean.

Their planes lost contact with mission control and vanished. No trace of them was ever found. Legend has it that the rescue party for those planes also vanished without a trace taking 13 people down with it!

Kruszelnicki is quick to dismiss the story of Flight 19. He points out that their voyage wasn’t one without hazard and that the area was rife with bad weather.

The mystery becomes less mysterious as further details are revealed by Kruszelnicki. As he asserts there was only one experienced pilot amongst them, Lieutenant Charles Taylor. Kruszelnicki suggests that all it would have taken was an error on his part to lose the entire crew.


There is further evidence to show that Kruszelnicki was on the money. You just have to read the radio transcripts. The flight had become unaware of its position. The lieutenant in charge was convinced that his compass had malfunctioned. He was convinced that he was somewhere over the Florida Keys, but he wasn’t he was closer to the Bahamas.

Bermuda Triangle

The plot thickens as it’s revealed that one of the junior pilots on the flight was suggesting that they should fly west. He was promptly overruled by Taylor who led them in the opposite direction. Out to yet deeper water and what’s more an area where the wreckage of planes would be less likely to be recovered.

Kruszelnicki reveals that the rescue party that vanished without a trace was actually seen blowing up!

In fact, there were quite a few people who saw the explosion. Which kind of removes a bit of the mystique. Don’t you think? The explosion also occurred on a craft that had been given the nickname ‘flying gas tanks’.

Although it seems like Kruszelnicki is on a one mission to debunk the ancient myths surrounding the area he probably won’t be successful. The image of the Bermuda Triangle being a mysterious area is ingrained in the subconscious of the masses.

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