Experts say Cleveland Browns could lose to Alabama

As the Cleveland Browns continue to spiral into irrelevance, I have a plan to make their season just a little more interesting: a winner take all matchup against the University of Alabama. 


There are some bad teams in the NFL, but none worse than the historically inept Cleveland Browns, who lost their 11th game this season and have not won a game since Week 14 last year. Cleveland is on pace to finish the season 0-16 and as a betting man, I would put a large sum on the Browns to finish the season winless.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

While it’s fun to laugh at Cleveland for their terrible season and history of losing, the Browns have essentially wasted an entire season and have given their fans little to look forward to. While I do like the coaching staff and the direction the front office is moving in, who knows how long until Browns become watchable again.


If the Browns played in the English Premiere League, they would have been relegated years ago, but the NFL does not do business like that. Since the Browns have essentially become unwatchable against other NFL teams, my idea to inject a little life into their season is and end of the year matchup against the eventual winner of the NCAA National Champion (which in all likelihood will be the University of Alabama and tricky Nicky Saban).

Source: Twitter


Forget for a second the moral implications of putting a full-grown NFL team against a group of college kids. The NCAA seems to have no problem profiting off so called students athletes, making billions of dollars annually while the athletes make nothing and are expected to be happy with a “free” education.


This end of the year bowl could be a way for college kids to make some money. The gambler in me would like to see a game where 50% of all proceeds go to the winning team, but because of the NFL teams distinct advantage I believe the college team should get a percentage up front before even stepping on the field.


The Browns would likely be around a 30-point favorite against the best college team, but the fact that there would even be a 1 percent chance a pro team could lose to a college team would bring in viewers. This end of the season game would no doubt be both teams’ most intriguing matchup of the season.


The whole idea seems virtually impossible for many different reasons, but could you imagine the different storylines. Browns insulted by the fact that some people could see them losing a to college team. The college players eager to see how they match up against the pros. Stephen A Smith’s inevitable rant about the game. It could even create a bigger conversation around the mone hungry NCAA and the way it treats college athletes.


The NCAA and NFL can pretend to care about player safety and the wellbeing of their athletes, but for both organizations, “If it makes dollars it makes sense,” and this would certainly make dollars.


And if the unthinkable happened and a college team beat an NFL team on a neutral field, forget about the Miracle on Ice, this would be the greatest underdog story ever.

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