Here Is What Happens To Your Bodies When You Have Sex

There is a lot more to sex then you might think. It isn’t just a case of a man gets a boner, he shoves it up a woman and that is the end of that. Of course, there are many different kinds of sex, from oral, to anal, but this article will focus on vaginal intercourse.

So what exactly does happen to our bodies when we bump uglies? Let’s have a look at what men and women go through during and after sex.


Men will reach orgasm once they get past a barrier known informally as the “point of no return”. At this point, their penis contracts and sperm is “pumped” into the woman’s vagina. Because of the cardiovascular nature of sex, his blood pressure and pulse will both be elevated and breathing usually laboured.

During this, their bodies will release swatches of chemicals. This includes Serotonin, Oxytocin, Norepinephrine, Vasopressin, Nitric Oxide and Prolactin. If you’ve ever wondered why you need to take a whizz after sex or wondered why a fella has to hit the bathroom after a roll in the sack it’s because both Oxytocin and Prolactin affect the kidneys.

As most guys will attest to a post-coital pee can be a pain in the…well you get the picture. That is because in order to ejaculate there is a sphincter that has to close to prevent semen from getting into the bladder. The contractions make this whole process massively tricky. Although some guys find they get quite a buzz from peeing after sex


And the sleep thing? Well after any dramatic chemical rush or after any strenuous exercise rest is always easier (of course we are talking immediately after) however Prolactin naturally relaxes you. The less of it you have the more chances there are of you getting ready for round two quicker. Unfortunately, the more enjoyment you get, the less Prolactin. Which is pretty much why when you have mind-blowing sex that round 2 seldom materialises.


Also, your body enters what’s known as a refractory period. This is where the animalistic part of your brain gives control back to the more rational thinking part of the brain and for some men this can cause a sort of post orgasm depression state. This is pretty common and can last anywhere between half an hour the entire day.


Like men, most women receive a rush of happy-chemicals. Unlike men, an orgasm is far from a guarantee. Sure, a small percentage of men suffer from an inability to orgasm but only 50% of women report being able to regularly orgasm. 5% claim they never orgasm at all. When they do, they feel contractions throughout that area of the body, their vagina, their pelvis, their bum. It all contracts and it all feels brilliant.


Here’s the kicker – When women are having sex their brain is very much focused on the task at hand. They are “lost in the moment” so to speak, but once they are finished the hippocampus and Amygdala, the parts of the brain that regulate feelings kick back in and that’s why women quite like to have post-coital chats, while unfortunately, their men nod off!


The female body goes through a lot during sex. Quite apart from having another person literally inside of them. Their nipples become sensitive. The clitoris shrinks during orgasm, sometimes to the point where it is hard to see. Breasts also can swell up to 20% during sex and because of the hormonal rush women feel far more confident. Which is why that usually shy girl that you love has no problem walking naked to the bathroom afterwards.

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