These New Glasses Have Built-In Headphones & Audio AR Features


We’ve seen quite a few high tech glasses come into light over the last few years. Some being able to tap into some of the worlds most popular apps and turn our camera in our hands into our eyes, or so to speak. Some have changed lives by providing colour blind individuals with the ability to see the world around them in accurate colours, and some “smart” glasses even allow some individuals the ability to tap into Amazon’s own virtual assistant, Alexa and take her with them throughout their day to day lives. Now, a new high-tech glasses alternative has come into play.

Earlier this month, Bose launched Frames, a pair of sunglasses that are equal parts sun protection and wearable. While they appear to be very stylish and trendy, normal-looking glasses at your first glance, these glasses can do so much more. Frames has a built-in audio augmented reality platform, allowing users to stream music, make calls, and access virtual assistants, all while keeping the audio private to its user.

So, how exactly do these new glasses work? According to Bose, who were able to create the tiniest and thinnest, and most lightweight Bose glasses system ever and put it into each of the sunglasses’ arm interior, there’s also an ultra-small microphone and multi-function button that’s embedded on the right temple, allowing you to pair the Frames with any Bluetooth device or pause and skip songs with ease. The glasses features at first glance worried customers, but fears were quickly squashed when they realised that they could play the music of their choice without disturbing the people next to them. That’s right! The glasses project clear and crisp audio that only the wearer can hear.

Although, one of the most intriguing parts about the futuristic glasses is also its built-in audio-only AR feature, which if you haven’t heard of before – stands for audio augmented reality. How does AR enhance the experience? Well, Bose Frames knows exactly where you are and what you’re facing when you’re wearing them using a 9-axis head motion sensor and your GPS on your phone. Instead of projecting an image in front of your eyes, like a visual augmented reality featured device would, these new frames uses audio to heighten your senses. One key example used when explaining the new feature is that wearers will be able to take a tour of bars, music venues or restaurants in any given city and by tapping the side of the glasses, they’ll then be able to hear a quick description about what they are looking at in real time. The company is currently developing more apps like this for the Frames and will give users the ability to do more with the built-in AR. According to Bose, they will be launching the first apps in the next couple months.

Additionally, Bose not only created one of the most defining glasses of today, they also did so while taking into consideration the current fashion trends in order to make their new product easily wearable and trendy. Bose Frames comes in two classic styles — Alto, a square and angled frame, and Rondo, a round and slightly smaller frame. They come in one sleek (yet futuristic) colour — matte black. Both Frames are scratch and shatter resistant and block up to 99 percent of UVA and UVB rays. And as far as the bulkiness part goes, they weigh approx. 45 grams, which is standard for sunglasses. What’s even better? Despite all that, they also have built-in speakers, a microphone, and a battery that can last up to 12 hours.

Bose Frames are now available for purchase on Bose’s official website and currently retail for $199.

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