Has Ariana Grande Inspired An Increase In Oversized Hoodie Sales?


According to fashion search engine Lyst’s 2018 Year in Fashion Report, which uses social media, search and sales data to rank the retail influence of celebrities and brands, searches for oversized hoodies are up by a whopping 130 percent versus last year, thanks to fans looking to recreate Grande’s signature style. While you may have first thought that the item that cause a 130 percent spike in searches was Grande’s famous ponytail, it turns out that Ariana Grande fans had other ideas.

When it comes to Grande’s look, there are two staples when trying to re-create her signature style – over the knee boots and oversized sweatshirts. The pop star, who is currently 25 years of age, similarly drove searches for brands like Reebok (with whom Grande has an ongoing partnership), Burberry and Vera Wang (likely thanks to her 2018 Met Gala gown). Of course, Grande’s not the only star inspiring fans to shop, according to Lyst, fans have reportedly made sales of the Gucci balaclava Rihanna wore to Coachella sales to increase by 19 percent alone, where as Blake Lively’s parade of suits during her press tour for “A Simple Favor” inspired over 4,000 searches for Ralph Lauren and Beyoncé’s Coachella performance look spiked searches for Balmain hoodies by 58 percent. Additionally, fellow artist like Camila Cabello and Rihana inspired spikes in searches for items like red dresses and balaclavas, they couldn’t even come close to the 130 percent spike that Grande’s signature sweatshirts had.

Back in 2017, Ariana Grande organised One Love Manchester to fundraise for fans and attendees impacted by the terrorist attack at her Dangerous Woman tour stop in the city. While last year, Grande again wore an oversized sweatshirt when she performed onstage. Ariana Grande’s sweatshirts are such a part of her style that she’s seemingly had them made for major events. Back in March of this year, Grande paired a March for Our Lives sweatshirt with over the knee boots when she performed at the event in Washington DC.

While her comfortable style was definitely most noticeable while performing, Grande hasn’t just worn the style to perform in, either. Ariana Grande also took the comfortable look to the big screen during television big appearances as well. During an appearance on Jimmy Fallon, she and the late night host surprised fans of the singer as they covered her song. The pop sensation has also been seen wearing the clothing on various other appearances on-screen. Even during her most recent appearance on The Tonight Show, Ariana Grande did her very own soulful take on the forever in style Christmas sweater, and not the kind your grandparents would make for you, either.

During her performance of her new single “Imagine,” she wore an oversized red sweatshirt with large white snowflakes on the front, her well-known boots, and that even better known ponytail, which she has since changed into a trendy and simple straightened layered hairstyle that shocked her fanbase in a positive way.

“Kylie has driven more than two million searches this year, from Adidas tracksuits and Dior sunglasses to Victoria’s Secret underwear and Alexander Wang minidresses,” Lyst’s report reads. “A pink minidress that she wore to her birthday party saw searches for ‘pink dresses’ increase 107% in the following 48 hours.”

If you’ve been longing to see if you can also rock Grande’s oversized sweatshirt look, you’re clearly not alone. With a 130 percent spike in searches for the clothing item, it may just be the next big trend going into 2019. If there’s going to be a celebrity inspired trend coming for the next year, individuals who prefer comfortable fashion will definitely be opting into following this trend, whether fans of Ariana Grande or otherwise.

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