20 Of The Best Memes We Have Ever Seen

Memes, memes everywhere! Is what Buzz might say to Woody. The term meme was coined by noted religion hater and science-lover, Richard Dawkins. Dawkins coined the phrase to describe an action, slogan, etc. That spread from person to person throughout a culture. Here are some of the most popular memes of teh internetz.


I don’t always drink beer

This meme was based on a Dos Equis beer commercial and features the slogan, I don’t always drink beer but when I do it’s usually Dos Equis. This has been parodied many times with hilarious effect.

One does not simply

Poking fun at Sean Bean’s famous “one does not simply walk into Mordor” quote from Lord of the rings. This meme has come to be used for anything that you probably shouldn’t do.

Xzibit meme

Pokes fun at pimp my ride where X would regularly take something the person liked, for instance, TV and somehow include it in their car – thus spouting “yo dawg, I heard you like tv, so we put a tv in your car so you can watch while you drive.”

That’s none of my business

Kermit the frog smugly drinks his ice tea in a vaguely judgemental way while giving an opinion but declaring it’s none of his business.

Willy Wonka

Another judgmental meme featuring the adorable face of gene wilder as he asks people to tell him more about a given topic before shaming them.

Orly Owl

A collection of surprised looking owls which amusingly form a conversation that goes something like: “o rly?”, “ya rly”, “no wai, “srsly”. It makes more sense when there are owls involved.

Demotivational posters

Just like those awful motivational pictures you get in corporate buildings, only funny.

Be like Bill

A simple stick man represents Bill. In this meme, people outlay how they think people should behave and attribute it to Bill. They then implore people to be like Bill.

Good guy Greg

This loveable stoner comes with a caption stating a loveable action. We all love Greg. He’s loveable.

Chuck Norris facts

This brilliant meme takes the actor Chuck Norris and attributes obviously fictional and hyperbolic facts to him.

Ice bucket challenge

In this challenge people videoed themselves pouring buckets of ice water over their head to raise awareness for ALS. Some people donated money too.

Mannequin challenge

In this challenge, people made videos of groups of them being absolutely still as if they were mannequins. The effect was often dramatic.

Cinnamon challenge

A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, a spoonful of cinnamon makes the vomit come up. And the people filmed it?

Dramatic chipmunk

This short video clip features dramatic music and an amusing chipmunk turning to face the camera.


The meme that refuses to die, unlike the gorilla it was based on.


Distracted boyfriend

A relatively new meme. This involves a guy walking with his girlfriend and turning his head to stare at another girl. This is usually labelled to suggest that the different characters are concepts.

Ancient Aliens

Taken from the History channel this meme pokes fun at the professor on the show ancient aliens that manage to attribute every seemingly unrelated fact to extraterrestrials.


Not only is it a killer form of exercise, but it is also a meme with people planking in public and sharing the photographic evidence with their peers.

It’s a trap

An infamous scene in return of the Jedi shows Admiral Ackbar stumbling upon and an imperial interception at which he exclaims “it’s a trap”. This has been hilariously bastardised to everything from “it’s a map”, to “it’s a fap”.

Starter pack

This meme plays on stereotypes with 4-6 pictures that sum up a character trope. For instance, the “I’m a chav” starter pack may Include a picture of a Burberry tracksuit.

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