What To Pack For a Music Festival

It’s coming up to festival season. Okay so it really isn’t but we have started buying our tickets so we can start to think about what we are going to take. Now some people will happily take a pop-up tent, a case of beer and a smile but actually, it’s nice to make wallowing in mud getting drunk as comfortable as possible. So here is our handy guide to what you need to ace a music festival.

Bin bags

Honestly, these are so multi-purpose it is unreal. I mean yes it is cool to collect your rubbish up in them but they are good for so much more than that. For instance, if it starts to tip it down, a few clever cuts and you have yourself a make-shift poncho! Plus they are good for stuffing your dirty undies in. Gross but true.

Wet wipes

They don’t tend to have showers at a festival. Wet wipes are hugely versatile. For starters they allow you to have a quick “pit wash” first thing in the morning. They are also good for cleaning off your wellies, washing your dishes, wiping off your make up. With wet wipes, you are good to go.

A she-wee

Guys you probably don’t need to worry about this. Girls, if you are the type of lady that complains about a skid mark on the toilet bowl then festival loos will chill you to your very core. There is a very strong chance that you aren’t going to park your precious derrière on them. Incidentally that’s where wet wipes Come in handy. A She Wee means you can pee standing up. Luxury.

Crates of booze

Beer prices are steep at festivals. You won’t be allowed to take your drinks into the main area but having plenty in your tent is handy. A liquid breakfast and you can walk around the afternoon in a blissful tipsy state.

Bacon and portable stove

Or whatever the vegan equivalent is. Seriously cooking your own food and taking a supply of pasties will save you a small fortune. Everything is overpriced at a festival so save where you can.

A flag

And try and avoid a standard LGBT one. Not because there is anything wrong with gay rights, but just because you want something unique. The point of the flag is to help you spot your tent. If your flag is the same as everyone else’s its point sort of ceases to exist.

A tent (duh)

Because even during the summer it can get pretty chilly at night. If you wanna be all eco-friendly then you can pick up a recycled one and embrace your inner Gaia.

Clean underwear

Because crusty undies are gross.

Water container

You can get easy to transport drums that you roll around. These are good for, having water! If you are drinking lots of booze and it is hot out then you are gonna want one of these.

Dry shampoo

Again there are no showers and dry shampoo will keep you looking like a rockstar, while you are watching, erm…rockstars.


You may love your Vans but if the heavens open they will get ruined. Wellies and shorts is a great look for girls and boys alike, embrace it.

Toothbrush/paste and mints

Oral hygiene is even more important when you are drinking copious amounts of alcohol. Beer breath is not good.

Portable stool

Being on your feet for significant amounts of time can play havoc on your knees. Sure you can sit on your bum but if it’s raining you can get a wet bum.

Phone power block

The last thing you want is for your phone to die. If you don’t post pictures of every act have you ever been to a festival?

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