These Are The Newest Doctor’s Companions Ranked

Dr Who is a British institution. The show has endured the test of time. Which when you consider the content of the show is a cool irony. There are many facets which make the doctor the iconic character that he/she is. Not least of all is the company that the character “kicks it” with. Here are the doctors best companions, ranked. (Note this is based on the more recent incarnations of the Doctor)


Graham O’Brien

Poor old Graham doesn’t kick off the countdown due to his age. It’s mostly because we haven’t had enough time to grow to love him as much as some of the other companions on the list. I have no doubt he will climb given time.

Bill Potts

Bill’s inquisitive nature made her character. It was great to have such an openly gay companion. She had the misfortune of following Clara and those were some big shoes to fill. She ended up travelling the universe with some watery alien thingy, which was a nice send off for her character, who we feared may be stuck as a Cyberman!

Mickey Smith

While Rose may have stolen the show in the early episodes, Mickey’s warmth and heart were an outstanding addition. There is plenty of fan fiction where Mickey ends up with Rose for a good reason.

Yasmin Khan

Despite not having a great deal of time to make an impact she has already proved a quirky, moral compass to Jodie Whittaker’s doctor.

River Song

River was involved in some of the Doctor’s most memorable storylines. She has also done something not many characters have by interacting with three incarnations of the Doctor. She has suggested she would like to make that four, spoilers darling!


The show couldn’t very well have featured David Walliams without including Matt Lucas at some point, could they? Nardole became one of the shows most memorable characters with his dry wit and sarcasm.

Ryan Sinclair

Ryan adds some much-needed youth energy and in many ways is a great foil to his “grandad”, Graham. He is street smart and cool, which is a rare quality for companions who are more often quirky and outcasts.

Clara Oswald

At this end of the list, the names are virtually interchangeable. Clara had some of the most memorable plot arch’s ’ of Capaldi’s run as well as some memorable moments with Matt Smith. Her quirky energy and sense of derring-do made her a loveable character.

Rory Williams

At first, Rory was a bit of a sap. But he grew into an ass-kicking warrior who literally waited 2000 years for the women he loved. That may not seem a lot to a timelord, but for a human, it’s bloody epic.

Donna Noble

She personifies the word underrated. Just because she didn’t fit the mode of a young hottie. Donna brought some much-needed spunk and cockney humour to proceedings. She questioned the Doctors morals in ways few have.

Martha Jones

Martha was involved in one of the coolest story arcs. Tennant’s epic showdown with The Master. Unfortunately, her character was sold short on the storyline front apart from this.

Amy Pond

“the girl who waited”. In many ways Amy represented a companion that was on par with the Doctor, such was the strength of her character.

Captain Jack

Not only was Captain Jack frigging cool, but he also headed up the spin-off show Torchwood. It was great to see an openly bisexual character on our screens and Barrowman played the role perfectly.


Rose Tyler

Arguably the Doctor’s most popular companion. Rose was the perfect foil to both Ecclestone and Tennant. Acting as a love interest and a friend. She was quirky and sharp and involved in some of the most memorable storylines in the shows modern incarnation.

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