This Is The Very Best Of British Take Away

Just Eat is great, isn’t it? It takes all of that pesky talking out of the equation when you fancy a takeaway. After all who really needs unforced human interaction, am I right? But what are the best take ways? I’m talking about national chains. Covering all the local ones might take a while!


Arguably the biggest take away chain in the world. McDonald’s is cheap and cheerful. They even cater to vegetarians with their tasty veggie burger. Let’s be honest though, we mainly go for the delicious cheese bites.


Before Nandos burst on to the scene, KFC was the undisputed king of chicken. Now they are the disputable king of chicken. They are still peddling the same old original recipe, which seems to taste different to how it used to. But these days they don’t always have a stock of, erm, chicken. We joke but the colonel’s secret recipe is still finger-lickin’ good.

Burger King

Literally the king of burgers, the clue is in the name. Burger King gives you that authentic barbecue taste by grilling their burgers over an open flame. Gordon Ramsey was once quoted as saying that Burger Kings burgers are sexy. We aren’t sure about that, but they’re certainly tasty.


Pizza Hut

One of the big three of the UK pizza scene. Pizza Hut is also one of the most prominent. You can toss a coin between the Hut and Dominoes but everybody seems to have their personal favourite.


Pizza Hut’s big rivals. Say what you like about Dominos but their dips are superior to Pizza Hut’s and that is a fact. (that we made up) most towns will have a Dominos these days which is a testament to the brand’s popularity.

Papa Johns

The new boy on the scene when it comes to pizza in the UK. “johns” has been making some waves though. Many will say their pizza is even better than its slightly more famous competition.


Yes, it may have a bit of a pretentious name but it is one of Britain’s most successful deli style take away chains. Equally great for your morning coffee or a yummy lunch, Pret stands proudly on this list.

Five Guys

Not only do they do a terrific Burger, but the American take away giant has also been responsible for some hilarious smutty innuendos since hitting our shores. Yes, we all want Five Guys inside of us. Very clever.


They may do chicken differently to the Southern-inspired KFC but Nando’s delicious Peri Peri chicken has become a cultural sensation in the UK. The chain is responsible, at least in part, for the fact that many activities are now considered “cheeky”. Quite what is so cheeky about Nando’s remains a bit of a mystery.


It doesn’t get much more British than having a Greggs. Cheap pastries are the order of the day here. Quite why they don’t serve pasties is beyond me, though. However our countries northern contingent will continue insisting that a “steak slice” is a pasty anyway. Meanwhile, the Cornish roll their collective eyes in disgust.

Harry Ramsden’s

With the wealth of fish and chips shops in this country. Legally you can’t be considered a town unless you have one (okay we made that up, but it should stand). It is surprising there is only one chain of fish and chip shops, but a fine chain it is, delivering beautiful fish and chips every time.

Yo Sushi

20 years ago sushi was considered exotic by most of us. These days you can pick it up in your local supermarket. Yo Sushi delivers sushi in a novel and exciting way, as famous for its gimmick as it’s delicious food, you simply have to visit at least once in your life.

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