It May Not Just Be Anti-Vaxxers Responsible For Increase In Diseases

You will be well aware of the potential effects that anti-vaxxers are having on viruses. Conditions that we believed were all but eradicated have started to become problematic again. But apparently, it isn’t just this issue that is leading to our “old foes” making a come back.

A recent study has shown that there is an increase in several conditions that were rife in the Victorian era. The study, which does have a political slant, suggests that in the UK the reason for the resurgence in these diseases is austerity.

The “old boys club”

Among the conditions covered in the report were the likes of whooping cough, Scarlet Fever and Gout. Some of the conditions were thought to be pretty much eradicated but in some cases, the reported incidents of them were up by as much as 200 percent in the case of Scarlet fever.

Scarlet Fever

So-called due to the bright-red rash that accompanies it, this condition was thought to be pretty much eradicated. At one point it was the leading cause of deaths among children in the UK. The advent of antibiotics put pay to its lethality but it is still just as infectious as ever. The recent study has suggested that the UK’s austerity measures are to blame for the return of this condition, but actually, it is famed for being spread by close physical contact. Could the rise in numbers be more of a representation of societies moral values more so than anything else? Is there more intimacy then there was in bygone years?

Whooping cough

This strong and persistent cough is extremely nasty. It can continue for months although is only infectious near the beginning phase. In rare cases, it can be fatal, although this is uncommon. Although it can cause young babies to stop breathing for short periods and this can be traumatic for both child and parents alike. This condition is up almost 60 percent. It was all but eradicated during the ’50s but has seen a dramatic rise of late. Could this be due to the atmospheric conditions rather than austerity though? Even if that is the case it is easy to criticise the current governments focus on environmental issues. Or, more accurately their lack of.


This is an interesting addition to the study. Gout is a painful form of arthritis that is caused by the build-up of fat deposits. It was common in the past in the rich due to the fatty diet they would have enjoyed, due to eating lots of meat. This is an obvious barb aimed towards the incumbent government. Although it is thought that the rise in gout is probably as a result of modern societies love of fast food.

This is life

The new study revealed that for the first time in some while the average life expectancy is slightly down on what it was. Although this may be due to austerity. It would also be easy to pin this on the convenience of the modern world, as obesity rises people’s health decreases. So while this study may be slanted to attack the current government it may be more of an indictment on society in general.

Most of the increases in these conditions could be linked to how modern society operates. Of course, the truth is probably far less black and white. What is the old adage about cause and effect? What this study does make clear though is that something isn’t going quite to plan, when old diseases start to come back to haunt us, despite advances in technology, perhaps it is the wake-up call that we need, to suggest that society needs change.

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