Quality Time – This May Be The Post That Saves Your Relationship

Have you ever had your partner turn to you and tell you they miss you even though you have spent every day of the week together? This is not uncommon and it isn’t them being crazy. Let us translate this for you, they are saying they need more quality time with you.

What is quality time?

Every relationship needs a certain amount of quality time. When you have been with someone for a while you can get into the habit of taking them for granted. You know what it is like: You come home from work, you have dinner and then sit in front of the box. You then repeat this ad nauseam. While it is true to say you are spending time together this won’t necessarily be time where you are really engaging with each other.

Why is it important?

Have you ever seen those older couples and they see to have nothing in common? You know the ones who have been together 10 years plus and go to every social event as a couple but barely speak to one another. They are what is commonly referred to as stuck in a rut. It’s a very difficult situation to get out of and can require counselling but quite often ends up being the final stage before the end of a relationship.

Of course, it never has to get to that point. Relationships don’t have to be stale, just make sure you are aware of a relationship feeling like a routine or a duty.

Telltale signs

When was the last time that you went out as a couple? When was the last time you made a token gesture just to be kind? Or the last time you did something spontaneous? If you can’t remember the answer to those questions then perhaps you need to do something about it! Now we are not suggesting for a minute that you start timetabling in weekly date nights, although please feel free to actually do that. It isn’t a bad idea!


If things are stale don’t wait around for your partner to inject some life into things. Be a do’er. Relationships have ended because people cared about their partners but felt that they should be the ones to try and fix things. There are two people in every relationship and you have control over just one of them. Take responsibility for your half.
The list of ways you can give your partner some attention is endless, so please don’t feel like these are the only things you can do. They are pretty obvious suggestions – you know your other half, so think outside the box if your imagination is good. If not these classics will still help things.

A trip to the movies

Preferably to see something rubbish so you can make out instead. You might spend most evenings in front of the TV but at the cinema, there is popcorn and a bigger screen.

Dip and Dine

Much cheaper than a spa day and you get to use the steam room/sauna in most places. These are quite often really good value for money. Old fashioned men may think this sounds like a terrible way to spend an evening but it is worth it just to see your other half in next to nothing and sweaty.

Go for a meal

And not just to Wetherspoons! Splash out and show them they are special. Choose a place that does their favourite food for extra brownie points.

Take them to a show

Theatre tickets can be really cheap and if you go midweek you can often buy the cheapest tickets and get better seats! It’s a great excuse to get dressed up and have a drink or two.

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