How Will Airpods 2 Be Different?


Apple is one of the world’s leading technology companies and own some of the world’s most popular and technologically-defining devices to date – one of which are the high-tech listening device, Airpods. Airpods are a typically one of Apple’s more controversial (yet popular) products that have a “love them or hate them” aspect to the product that leaves some people not being able to live without them. While the price tag isn’t the most user-friendly (retailing at about $159), many still use the product happily each day, even with rumours of a new generation to released in the near future.

One of the biggest rumours to date that continues to circulate around the Airpod 2 is a new theory that there might have biometric health monitoring capabilities built into the product. This particular theory is one of the more likely theories as a number of sources, including Apple Insider, have gone to the length to hint to this possibility.

In fact, Apple Insider also looked at patents from 2014 to try to predicrt what could be coming up in future generations of the Airpods and found some pretty big plans. “According to the patent, the fitness monitoring system is cleverly ensconced in a set of headphones, something users commonly wear to listen to music during workouts,” Apple Insider wrote. “By positioning the headset in or near the ear, the embedded activity sensor can pick up temperature, perspiration and heart rate data, among other metrics. In addition to skin-based readings, an accelerometer may also be incorporated into the earbud chassis to facilitate the collection of accurate movement data. Some embodiments call for multiple accelerometers, each corresponding to a different axis.”

According to the rumours, the new AirPods are suspected to offer a number of radically new features that will no doubt win over new and existing customers. While the features are promising, releasing them all efficiently would require making the AirPods much easier to connect, less disconnection times, better battery life and good fit in the ears as they don’t have wires.

Additionally, one of the earliest rumours pointed to the next AirPods receiving some form of water resistance. Each subsequent rumour since has made a mention of water resistance being included in the new hardware, which, by itself, won’t necessarily mean it’ll be true, however, it does suggest that it might have a higher possibility of being true. It’s unclear if water resistance will be a standard feature, or if it’ll be reserved for a more premium version.

Some of the reports that have surfaced the internet also suggest that the AirPods will feature a new type of shell which will be much bigger than the original one and will have features that will allow Apple to pack a larger battery which will in turn allow users to keep their AirPods charged longer when out and about or travelling. It is likely that Apple would also coincidently improve the charging times of the AirPod products to work more efficiently. The biggest hint was first seen in January, when we heard that the AirPower charging mat may have entered production and may be released soon. According to a recent rumour from 9To5Mac, albeit one which the publication states comes from an unreliable source, the next AirPods may even be able to charge fully via wireless charging in as little as 15 minutes.

Many sources have also reported that Apple has patented a new form of pressure sensing technology that sounds straight out of science fiction which would allow the Airpods to sense the fit in your ear so they could tune the sound uniquely to your ear, although that may not come into reality until a bit further into the future.

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