Is Dean Ambrose Coming Or Going?

There is something not quite right with the situation with Dean Ambrose. Dean shocked the world be not re-signing with the WWE. Rumour has it that his contract is almost done and he will leave shortly. There is something a little off about it though. Let’s investigate.

His roots

Ambrose spent a long time on the independent circuit. There are a fair few promotions around now where he could make a decent amount of money. His name is big enough that he could demand a decent fee and could really get to choose what type of matches he works and who he works against.

The Benjamins

He has worked a position near the top of the card at WWE for several years now. Unless he has been living a lavish lifestyle he is probably okay financially. As previously mentioned he could make a good living for himself doing the “indies” and he recently made a cutting comment regarding people on the roster who don’t love wrestling. He made accusations that some people are only there for the paycheck. He would probably find that if he left the WWE there would be less of that vibe.

All Elite Wrestling

Rumours persist that Ambrose may jump ship and join the upstart promotion AEW. The wrestling company has some serious financial clout, although it would appear Ambrose isn’t motivated by money. The company will almost certainly do fewer house shows though so he wouldn’t be wrestling as often.

WWE ties

Of course, you have to believe that he probably does have a strong friendship with his “shield brothers” they have been together a long time. Whether or not that would be enough to make him stay is a different matter. There is also the small matter of Rene Young, Dean is married to Young.

We have seen situations like that before, cast your mind back to AJ Lee and CM Punk. AJ stayed on for some time after her hubby left. She stayed on for as long as she could be eventually she left the WWE. Rene has developed into a quality commentator and it would be a shame if she left the company too.

Making business public

This is part of the reason something feels a little untoward. Usually, the WWE handles situations like this quietly. When they have lost high profile stars in the past they will pull them away from big stories. Use them to put over younger workers. What they have never done in the past is to advertise the fact they are potentially leaving. The one exception to this was CM Punk, but that was most likely a “work” as not long after he delivered his infamous “pipe bomb” speech.

Genuine shield emotion

Following the Shield reunion at Fast Lane the three members engaged in a lengthy embrace. All three members seemed to be genuinely emotional. Of course, this could just be great acting to sell a story, but it felt very real.

Rushing Roman

If Dean is really leaving it could be part of the reason Reigns has been rushed back so quickly. Of course, it could be just to shoehorn him into Wrestlemania! But if the WWE really did want to give the Shield one last run, perhaps they needed to rush Roman to accomplish that.

His push

At first, when news came through about him leaving he took losses against EC3 and Elias, which looked pretty standard when someone is leaving, but being involved in storylines in such a major way is unusual. One thing is for sure the WWE has managed to create intrigue surrounding Dean Ambrose and they should be applauded for doing something a little different.

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