If You Like Music Then You Like These Acts

There are some bands you are required by law to like. Just like everybody on the planet has a copy of Alanis Morisette’s Jagged Little Pill. Everybody, regardless of musical preferences loves these acts. It’s the law.


The hype surrounding the recent “Bohemian Rhapsody” film shows that the band’s popularity hasn’t waned. And when “we are the champions” comes on, don’t even try and pretend you don’t know the words. We are literally born knowing most of Queen’s music. It is in our DNA.

Foo Fighters

Perhaps it is because Dave Grohl is such a cool frigging guy. Perhaps it’s the fact the band are really tight with Jack Black. Maybe it’s the fact that they release rock music that actually does well in the charts. Whatever the reason you will do well to find someone who doesn’t rate the foos.

The Beatles

As with every band that is globally popular you have to have that one iconic song that everybody knows. The Beatles have about 20 of them. Undoubtedly the biggest band of all time.


Okay so not everyone will admit to liking them. In fact, many will scoff at the idea of listening to their music. Those same people secretly watch Mamma Mia while their girlfriends are on a girls night (yes it is mostly straight men that pretend to hate ABBA)


It doesn’t matter if you like rap or not. Eminem is on nearly everybody’s playlist. He transcends his genre bringing gangsta rap to the mainstream. From his poppy chart hits to his gritty album tracks, the man is a genius.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

It isn’t just the fact that everybody knows the song “Under the bridge”, it isn’t just the fact they have a band member whose actual name is Flea. It’s just that they are ace.


People who claim to think Oasis are overrated will still belt out Champagne Supernova when a local band plays it. And that’s a frigging album track! Basically, every single Oasis released has cult status. It’s just what they did.


The Killers

“I’m not a big fan of Mr Brightside,” said nobody, ever. The Killers are the most American British band ever. Perhaps that’s the appeal. Brandon Flowers is a natural performer and the band can go from the prosaic to the abstract with their lyrics in the blink of an eye.

Michael Jackson

Let’s put aside the recent documentary for a second and separate the art from the artist. His music was phenomenal. Some of the best pop songs ever produced.

Bon Jovi

Crossroads rates up there with the aforementioned Jagged Little Pill as an album that literally everybody owns. I dare you to not “air grab” when Living On A Prayer is playing.

Ed Sheeran

If you don’t like Ed then it is almost certainly because he has red hair and that isn’t cool. To be fair his music does get a lot of airplay, but that’s because he seamlessly blends R and B and acoustic pop.


They’re just inoffensive, aren’t they? There is nothing that gives you any reason to dislike them. Beautiful background noise, with surprising emotional depth.


They called him the king for a reason. If you don’t rate Elvis, chances are you rate somebody that was influenced by him. Arguably one of the biggest pop stars of all time. Elvis changed the world.


If you have ever been to a Madness gig they are just the most fun. There isn’t a single person who isn’t dancing. Their catchy use of two-tone and ska sounds as good today as it did in their pomp.

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