These Songs From Hit Musicals Sound Amazing In Their Own Right

We love a musical in this country, don’t we? But you can’t have a musical without quality music. Obviously, Andrew Lloyd Webber has constructed some absolute belters but there is a wealth of songs that make these spectacles. Let’s take a look at some of the best show tunes.

Defying Gravity – Wicked

This gained a lot of mainstream attention by featuring in Glee. To be fair though, Wicked is one of the most enduring and popular musicals in Broadway and In London’s West End. With a soundtrack that has a similar feel to the film Frozen with uplifting Power Ballads. This being the most impassioned of the bunch.

Time Warp – Rocky Horror Picture Show

Great film, better musical. The stage show is something to behold as fans flock to see it dressed in Burlesque outfits or in drag. The audience catcalls are batted back by the witty cast and then there’s the music. Time Warp always gets the audience out of their seats and dancing.

Memories – cats

Made famous by Elaine Paige’s sultry voice. This classic is the tune that really elevates Cats. One of many classic Andrew Lloyd Webber Tunes. Is there anyone who has had more of an impact on theatre? Well, maybe Shakespeare.

Be Our Guest – Beauty and The Beast

Okay, so it happens to be a rather awesome Disney Film too. But the stage show is wonderful. This just tops the “Gaston” song to the number one spot because of the spectacle of it.

Elephant Love medley – Moulin Rouge

This had to become a stage show really, didn’t it? The whole soundtrack is immense but there isn’t really any tune better than the combination of classic pop tunes featured in the Elephant Love Medley.

Any Dream Will Do – Joseph And The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat

Joseph has had some huge stars playing him. This vaguely religious tale is an awesome stage show with an incredible soundtrack. Among the best tracks is this belter, also a big chart hit for former Joseph actor, Jason Donovan.

The Music Of The Night – Phantom Of The Opera

Another Andrew Lloyd Webber classic. This brooding ballad builds to a crescendo in a way that is almost the calling card of Mr Lloyd Webber.

All That Jazz – Chicago

Once again a musical with half a dozen songs that would sit proudly on this list, Mr Cellophane and Prisoner Cellblock Tango spring to mind. But this is an absolute classic jazzy number that you can’t help sing to. Thank you, Velma.

Popular – Wicked

It may be cheating to have two songs from the same show. But this song should be way more popular than it is (see what I did there?) The quirky, funny number sums up the musical Wicked perfectly.

Consider yourself – Oliver

Classic Charles Dickens novel becomes a classic movie, becomes a classic musical. It’s a tale as old as time! The entire Oliver soundtrack just sounds right on a stage and this is the shows most iconic tune. We would ask for more of this.

Maria –West Side Story

This crooning anthem is one of the musical highlights of this modern retelling of Shakespeare’s Romeo And Juliet.

Can You Feel The Love Tonight –Lion King

Another Disney classic that took to the stage and thrived. Lion King is a spectacular live show, with several tracks that aren’t in the original movie. However, this one was and it is a pure goodness. If you disagree I will get a lion to maul you. end of.

I’ve Got A Golden Ticket – Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

This was always going to make a wonderful stage show and this is one of the best songs from it. Pure imagination came in a close second place.

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