Are We Alone? What Happened In Roswell?

UFOligists everywhere know about the Roswell Crash. Even if nothing happened on that fateful day in Roswell, New Mexico. It still goes down as one of the US governments most monumental blunders. But for the uninitiated – what happened?

The crash

On July 4th, 1947 (American Independence day of all days) William Brazel a local farm worker discovered some debris on his farm. He thought very little of it, but following reading about flying saucers in the press he eventually contacted his local sheriff who then called in the military to investigate.

Heading the investigation was a local military man, Major Jesse Marcel. He was accompanied by a plain-clothed man. The newspaper reports detailed that a flying saucer had crashed. The headline may have been a little misleading though as the story does point out that part of the craft was saucer shape but among the materials found were a balloon and scotch tape.

The party line

Following the sensationalist journalism, the military claimed that the wreckage recovered was a weather balloon. This looked sketchy at best. The people who discovered the wreckage, Sheriff Wilcox, Jess Marcel etc. These were all smart guys with a solid reputation they would have been able to spot the difference between a weather balloon and something alien.

Stoking the fire

The government did themselves no favours afterwards. Despite the furore surrounding the crash, they decided it was a fantastic area to perform “dummy drops” these experiments were to test the impact of dropping people from high altitudes. The dummies were grey-skinned and dressed in metallic suits. Good one.

Perhaps this was just a subtle joke on behalf of the military. However, some conspiracy theorists believe that the entire Roswell crash was deliberately mishandled. They believe that it was a smokescreen to distract people from other things. What the smokescreen was covering up varies from theory to theory but it’s often suggested that it was used to take the attention away from Area 51.

Supporters of the theory

There are some high profile supporters of the theory that an alien crashed at Roswell New Mexico. Including one of the investigators Terry Friedman. Friedman has testified in front of Congress that an alien craft crashed and was covered up. There was a more recent investigation where it was discovered a lot of the documentation on the Roswell incident had been destroyed. Apparently, it wasn’t uncommon for UFO files to be destroyed due to the sheer number of them.

The one piece of evidence that wasn’t destroyed was a letter from the head of the FBI’s Washington field office, Guy Hottel. The letter was to J Edgar Hoover himself and stated that he had witnessed a flying saucer with three human-shaped bodies that were only three foot tall and dressed in shiny, metallic suits.

Project Mogul

One of the theories about the craft is that it wasn’t a “weather balloon” but in fact, one of the crafts used as part of a secret project known as “project mogul”. Project Mogul was a series of high tech balloons that were designed to fly in the troposphere and use advanced communications equipment to spy on the Russians.

The autopsy

Then there was the small matter of the Santilli footage. The clip of the Roswell autopsy on an alien. This has been proven to be a hoax, albeit a convincing one. Santilli admits they constructed the footage but that they had to because the original was destroyed. Likely story.

What happened in Roswell will never be entirely clear. The fact that among the wreckage was scotch tape suggests that the craft was very much “of this earth” But it is cool to speculate and it is an intriguing case.

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