Why Multiculturalism Helps Make Britain Great

Sometimes it feels like we live in a Britain that is divided. There is the odd tragedy or celebration that seemingly brings people together, but by-and-large there are still elements of an island mentality in our Great Country. Not everyone has accepted multiculturalism.

Like it or lump it

Whether you want to accept multiculturalism and globalisation they are here to stay. So why not celebrate all of the great things that have come from opening our borders and mixing with different cultures?

Skilled workforce

A lot of specialist jobs in Britain are filled by overseas applicants. These aren’t people “stealing our jobs” as they are sometimes portrayed, but rather skilled workers coming to our shores to fill shortages. Often these will be roles such as doctors in our hospitals.

All about the Benjamins

Quite aside from the positive influence on British culture (and as you can see there are plenty of them.) Immigration has had a massive positive impact on the economy. When someone from overseas moves to our country they put their money into the economy helping it to grow. Even when benefits etc. are taken into consideration it still has a net positive.


Come on how many of us do this? Okay, so I don’t but Iknow a lot of people that do. Not only is it a great form of exercise but it also helps to clear your mind and just promotes general feelings of well-being.


Yes, that is correct without the sharing of cultures we might not have numbers. I believe the origins of numbers are rooted in Arabic, but I wouldn’t quote me on that!

Fast food

That is not to say that we wouldn’t have any fast food outlets in our wonderful country had we not shared our culture. However a lof the big chains that we enjoy come from foreign shores. Nope, I’m afraid that McDonald’s is not Scottish despite what the name might suggest!

Our language

England has been invaded on so many occasions that you might accuse the rest of the world of picking on our poor country. However, it is thanks to those many invasions that we have the language that we do today. Each new invasion has left an indelible mark on our language. So without the enforced sharing of other cultures, we might not have ended up with Shakespeare. Although I’m sure there are some kids in secondary schools that might prefer that option!

New holidays

Not everybody celebrates Diwali and Chinese New Year but thanks to our multicultural kin we have that option and isn’t having more reasons to celebrate always a good thing? Who sits there thinking. “I wish I had fewer things to celebrate”? Exactly. Nobody.


Let’s be honest here as much as we all love traditional British cuisine there is only so much toad in the hole and Cottage Pie a person can eat. Thanks to the fact we have embraced other cultures we can readily access a wealth of culinary delights from around the world. We are blessed with food from all over the globe in our humble country. Imagine if you weren’t able to get a good old fashioned curry delivered to your door. Why would we want to live in a world where that wasn’t the case?

The people

Save the best for last! The people that have wound up on our shores are fantastic. It’s amazing to see so many people from so many races all co-existing in harmony. Even with a minority of people trying to unhinge that peace, we are still blessed to live in a country that mostly embraces diversity and that can only be a good thing. Long may it continue.

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