Jobs That Pay More Than You Would Think

We all know that bankers get the big bucks, right? I mean that seems fair after all it strikes me as a ridiculously dull vocation. However there are some jobs that you might think aren’t particularly viable but actually, are.

Bin Man

Okay, so there are some downsides to this. The early mornings aren’t great and it is smelly and dirty work. Plus there is an undeserved stigma around the position. However, because of all this, it actually pays pretty well. Especially if you are doing it in one of the bigger cities. The average salary for a bin man is 39k. Compare that to a teacher whose average pay is 30k!

Air traffic control

You do have to build your way up to get a position such as this. However, the salary comes in at a whopping 52k per year. Of course, it isn’t the sort of job where you can turn up hung over. There is a tremendous amount of pressure involved and that’s why people that do it can demand a high salary. Especially at busier airports.

Train conductor

Not only is this a cool job that doesn’t require too much training but it also pays pretty damn well too. The average salary is 27k a year. That is 7k more than your average firefighter. Seems a bit unfair that. However, I have seen some of the customers on our national rail networks! Both jobs are fairly perilous!

Building inspector

Once again these jobs pay better in more urban areas. There is a fair bit of training involved but you can still make more than a teacher at an average of 33k per year (Is anyone else feeling sorry for teachers?)


Okay, full disclaimer. In order to do this job, you have to go through the same training as a doctor or surgeon which means getting a degree and then several years in med school. Basically, there is a lot of graft to get this job and it lacks the glamour of being a hotshot surgeon. However, it brings in an impressive 87k a year. That is almost 20k more than your average GP earns!

Mine operator

This country has a long and storied history with miners! Just don’t mention Thatcher. Mining jobs are far less common than they used to be but they do still exist. Of course, you have to be okay with tight spaces and extensive training is needed but if you can put up with those downsides you can pick up a cool 42k a year. Okay so Wayne Rooney makes more than that in a week, but we can’t all be Wayne Rooney, can we?

Ethical Hacker

I didn’t even realise that this was a thing. But large firms are keen to avoid electronic espionage and so there is a requirement for ethical hackers. These will be people that test big companies security setting by trying to hack into them. The training is unconventional because in order to be an ethical hacker you have to be good at hacking! Generally, hackers aren’t the type of people with good computing qualifications, so it is a role that values your skills more so than your qualifications.

Tube train driver

Admittedly there is more to this role then you would think, but thanks partially to all of the strikes tube drivers take home a decent pay packet with an average wage of 30k per year.


Yes, people still do this. It is demanding and often you will end up working anti-social hours but the average salary is 37k a year and lucky butlers can earn far more than this.

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