Why The Latest Round Of Johnny Depp Versus Amber Heard Could Be Damaging To Abuse Victims

Poor Johnny Depp. Maybe. Who knows? Depp recently filed a lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard. It wasn’t that long ago he was on the receiving end of allegations of abuse that left his career looking rather ragged. If those allegations were true then he probably deserved to have his career shattered. But where is the truth here?

Initial accusations

Amber Heard, following the breakdown of her marriage to Depp, alleged that the actor was physically and mentally abusive towards her. The case was settled outside of court. Among the claims were that Depp would throw things around when angry and that his insecurity had led to him writing messages in his own blood. Creepy stuff, right?

Time will tell

Fast forward to the current day and Depp has made counter allegations claiming that he was the victim of the abuse rather than the perpetrator. He has the backing of two police officers and allegedly more than 70 CCTV clips which show the abuse he suffered at the hands of Heard, who has become an ambassador for abuse victims.

Of course, this has got the internet in a tizzy! People have speedily jumped on the Depp bandwagon, casually hopping off the previous Heard bandwagon. Ultimately whoever is telling the truth in this case, the other person is probably quite wretched. It is important to understand that this case has ramifications way beyond your bog standard post marital disputes, largely due to the public profile of the people entwined in the case.

The argument for Heard

Most people don’t lie about being abused. That is a fact. She came out first claiming she was abused. Yes, there are people who would lie about this sort of thing but they are a small minority. I guess in some ways you can draw comparisons to this and the Michael Jackson allegations. It is important to assume that somebody making accusations is telling the truth. That doesn’t mean you should instantly “lynch” the accused, far from it. However, sympathy, tact and a kind hand are required when dealing with any potential abuse victim.

The argument for Depp

Yes, he left it a long time before coming out with these counter allegations. But then isn’t that emblematic of abuse victims? People find it hard to admit these things, that is especially true of men who it is documented are less likely to ever report abuse by a partner. Also, Depp has got the testimony of two lawmen and various staff members to aid him. Although not to be too cynical on that point, money does talk! But putting that aside for minute there is the small matter of CCTV footage. That could be the smoking gun in this case.

Somewhere in the middle?

Obviously, without seeing any evidence, it is hard for people to do anything other than speculate. It’s not even fair to say that somebody was definitely “abused” It’s my personal opinion that there was probably a massively toxic relationship and I think there is probably truth in both of their claims.

The future

This is why the case is so important. Unfortunately Depp’s claims have undermined Heard’s original claim. When Heard first came out the media demonised Depp by-in-large. And now it’s been forced to do at least a partial about turn. I think if anything that this situation shows in that cases of domestic abuse that the victims should always be considered to be telling the truth but also that the alleged perpetrator should be protected until the full extent and details are known. A false allegation can destroy a person’s life. Whatever happens, the biggest worry is that cases like this may encourage silence by victims. That can’t happen!

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