Fact Or Fiction? What We Know And What We Made Up About Area 51

Area 51 ranks right up there among America’s worst kept secrets. The “top secret” government installation has played host to some of the greatest and most zany conspiracy of all time. So let’s have a look at some of the fact and fiction surrounding the installation.

Fiction – Elvis lives there

Okay. We thought we would ease you in with a joke. Elvis almost certainly does not live in Area 51. Nor does Tupac or Lord Lucan for that matter. It’s a shame that the neither Tupac or Elvis do reside there though as entertainment on site is reportedly pretty limited. Due to its position, there are no TV or radio signals. Former employees have stated that the only form of entertainment is a single concrete tennis court and a bowling alley.

Fact – secret base

Despite more leaks than your average tea strainer the CIA only officially acknowledged the base in 2013. At that point, the world and their dog was familiar with it and there were all kinds of photographic evidence in existence. It really was a bit of a “well duh!” moment.

Fiction – The base holds the Roswell aliens

My humble apologies if you still think that an alien craft landed in Roswell, New Mexico. While there are little snippets that provide intrigue to the case, that mystery has all-but been solved. Following the crash came the “autopsy footage”. It is rumoured that there were alien bodies recovered from the Roswell crash and that these were taken to Area 51 to be autopsied. There was video evidence to corroborate this but that was a proven hoax. Although the filmmaker maintains the reason he made the fake video is because the original was damaged. We don’t believe him either.

Fact – helicopter trials

It is widely accepted that the helicopters used in the mission to capture and kill Osama Bin Laden were designed and tested at Area 51. The “choppers” were not your average helicopters. They were adapted versions of the Blackhawk. Many aviation experts have claimed that this modified Blackhawk is nearly invisible to radar. Given how successful that mission was I would say the claims carry some weight.

Fiction – It tests UFO technology

Okay so let’s be honest there has probably been a lot of cool technology tested at Area 51. (more on that shortly). But there is no evidence that anything that has been tested there has been remotely alien. In fact reports of “former employees” who have witnessed alien technology have always proved to be erroneous.

Fact – It plays host to enemy planes

They have all but confirmed that enemy planes that are captured are taken here to be tested. Admittedly that may not be as exciting as testing recovered UFOs but it sure is a smart defence strategy. Famously the site played host to a captured MiG-21 in the ’60s.

Fiction – The moon landing was filmed there

Spoiler alert the moon landing was filmed on the moon, where else? Although rumours persist that this is the site that the supposed hoax was perpetrated. Fuel was added to this fire by the storage of some “space stuff” in a nearby, connected facility. Because of course there couldn’t be any other reason for a test facility to want astronautical equipment.

Fact – spy drones were tested there

These days drones are a small, but impressive craft that many of us own in our home for entertainment purposes. Back in the advent of non-piloted craft, they were far larger. The very first of these developed by the US were tested at the Nevada site.

Fiction – protected

If you search for the installation on Google Earth the FBI will capture you and turn you into a human guinea pig. This is probably made up, but why risk it?

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