Everybody Has a Unique Way Of Eating These Foods

Most foods are fairly straightforward. You stab them with your fork, use your knife to slice them up, put them in your mouth and chew. But then there are crème eggs. Everyone and their dog has a weird way of eating ‘em. This is not the only food that encourages creative eating. Let’s take a look at some that do.

Kit Kat

These were way more fun back in the days when they had a tinfoil wrapper. Just the method by which you opened it became a game in itself! These days the fun has been taken away. The square nature of the bar means that some people like to nibble the outside of the chocolate off. If you get a four finger bar and someone bites through all four fingers you are legally allowed to shoot anyone found eating one this way. #facts


The chocolate biscuit that is so much more. Some genius somewhere in the UK invented what is known as “the penguin trick” at least that’s what we called it. You simply bite off both ends of the biscuit and use it as a straw to suck up your tea. This can be messy but it is fun and the penguin itself is a delicious soggy mess when you are done.


Some people dip these in juice and milk. Which is a bit odd. Some people like to split them in half and lick the cream off. They are good for dunking in your brew as well. They are also great for crumbling on a dessert. It’s just a versatile biccie. God bless America!

Jaffa Cakes

Interestingly Jaffa Cakes are one of a handful of foods where the “cheapie” versions are quite a bit nicer than the brand makes. They usually have a softer base and the jam/jelly goes all the way to the outside of the “cake”. However, they aren’t as good for weird eating. With a Mcvities Jaffa cake, you can “full moon/total eclipse” it. Or you can nibble around the jelly disk leaving yourself with a flappy delicacy.


If you don’t bite off all the chocolate first then you are doing it wrong.

Twister Lollies

Some crazy people just bit this (the king of lollies) The correct method is, of course, to first lick out all the yummy pineapple ice cream and then bite away the stripes before being left with a regular lolly.

Cheese strings

Do you peel off individual strands? So you make a weird “afro-like” cheese man? This food provides almost infinite eating possibilities!


These were the ultimate crisp for eating in class as you could let them fizz away on your tongue. Also good for licking…I have been told.

Crème eggs

The sweet with the reputation. You could possibly release a book based solely on the different methods you could use to eat a Cadbury’s crème egg. Personally, I like to bite off the lid and lick out the inside…don’t judge me!


If you are seeing someone and they bite through both fingers at the same time, leave them. No good can come from spending time with such an evil creature. Eating one finger at a time in a regular fashion is acceptable. Some choose to nibble the caramel off leaving a biscuit and chocolate combo. This can be sucked or crunched dependant on preference. You can also use the “penguin trick” on these.

Muller corner

Do you pour your mini pot into the yoghurt? Do you mix it in, or let it sit on top? Or do you eat your yoghurt and have a mini flavoursome treat afterwards. This yoghurt reveals more about your character than the 16 personalities test!

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