These Hit Movies All Feature Wrestlers

Wrestling is just acting, right? So it comes with little surprise when grapplers turn their skills to the big screen. It happens more than you think! Although if you had seen some of the acting on Monday night Raw you might wonder how this ever happens. Here is a list of movies starring wrestlers.

Mr Nanny

Hulk Hogan made a whole bunch of family-friendly movies back in the eighties. This one was a familiar format. Big musclebound dude left in charge of kids, hilarity ensues. He also did Suburban Commando and Thunder in Paradise. Hollywood Hogan indeed!

Guardians of the Galaxy/the Avengers

Dave “The Animal” Batista cracked Hollywood. The role of Drax suits the big man perfectly as he doesn’t have to show any emotions and just has to act like a big brute. I use the word “act” loosely.

See no evil

Kane made his acting debut in this highly promoted horror flick. I mean yes it was pretty awful. But I have never touted for the bad guy so much in a horror flick. After all who doesn’t love The Big Red Machine?


The Rock lends his voice and his marvellous singing to this original Disney classic. If you don’t join in after hearing “I see what’s happening here…” are you even human?

The Marine

The first one of these starred John Cena kicking ass and taking names. The acting wasn’t great but the action was cool. It has been rolled out a few times since with various actors. One of them was even led by The Miz of all people! Could you imagine The Miz as an action hero? I found it a tough sell him being a chicken in a KFC add!

The Condemned 2

Randy Orton proved his acting chops in this tense thriller. Orton has featured in a fair few movies. The master of the RKO isn’t as wooden as you might expect. I mean he’s no Pacino. But still, worth a watch.

Rocky 3

Hulk Hogan’s famous cameo as he took on Rocky Balboa. This film also featured Mr T (of course, closely associated with Wrestlemania).


The final exorcism at the end of this delicious spoof comedy was commentated on by the team of Jesse Ventura and Mean Gene Okerlund.

Freddy Vs Jason

This one may rock you to your core. Rey Mysterio played Freddy. Okay, for the most part, Robert Englund did. But in the big battle scene between the two horror giants, it was the world’s most famous high flyer done up in makeup and donning the claw and cap!

Fast and Furious

One of the Rock’s most iconic and oft reprised roles as Luke Hobbs in the high octane, action series. It has guns, fast cars and lots of pretty people. Perfect for the Rock’s electrifying charm.


Another appearance for Jesse Venture. Complete with a glorious moustache. The former wrestler and governor played the part of a hulking marine perfectly in this classic sci-fi action flick.

Daddy’s home

Cena featured for about 2 seconds in the first movie (insert “you can’t see me” joke here). His role in the sequel is far more prominent and his hammy acting is perfect for this brand of comedy in a pretty decent sequel.


The Rock and Zac Efron are a golden comedy duo in this epic and fun remake of the 80’s melodrama. It has nods to the original with cameo appearances from all the characters you’d want making cameos but also work beautifully as a stand-alone comedy film.


Blade 3

“The Game” Triple H plays a badass vampire in the third Blade movie. He’s actually not too bad, although he is just playing Triple H with pointy teeth so not much of a stretch.

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