Tired Of The Political News? Here Are Things You Can Do Instead Of Talking About Brexit

Unless you give social media a wide berth you would have no doubt seen the petition to revoke Brexit. It is gathering some steam with a whopping 4 million signatures. It goes to show that no matter which side of the debate you are on, people care about this issue. However, it can be a bit dull. So here are things slightly more exciting to do with your time than discuss Britain’s albatross.

Watch grass grow

Not existing grass. That would be boring and frankly a waste of your precious time. Heaven forbid. But why not remove all of the old grass from your front lawn and reseed it. After all, you can’t beat change for change’s sake, can you? I swore to myself I wouldn’t be political, so please take that literally.

Search for coin misprints

There are rare coins in circulation that are worth a mint! (pun unintentional) Sometimes these are simple imperfections that make coins really rare. So why not head down to the local amusement arcades and exchange your entire wage for two pence pieces and get searching for coins that could make you a pretty penny. (pun intended)

Alphabetise your DVD collection

Honestly, it may take a bit of a while. Especially if you are someone who trawls through CEX and thrift shops looking for cheapie bargains, but think about all the precious time you will save yourself in the future! This is surely a no brainer?

Invent a yoghurt pot phone that can send texts

The yoghurt pot phone is a marvel of the modern world. But isn’t it time it got an upgrade. My yoghurt pot phone has been on the same contract since I was 8 years old. Isn’t it about time these things had a touch screen or something? Come on, move with the times.

Watch some paint dry

Of course, you could actually spend your time painting something. And before you claim you can’t paint take a look at some pretentious modern artists. If Jackson Pollock can sell what he does for a small fortune then I’m pretty sure your “spud prints” should be worth a fortune too. In fact with the sort of money you could make from your art you could give the NHS, say 350 million? This is just an arbitrary figure though. I’m sure the struggling NHS would appreciate any funds they are given.

Do your housework

I refuse to accept that this is boring. It is a fabulous way to spend your weekend. Imagine going to work on a Monday morning knowing that your dishes are clean and your carpets are dust free. Can you really put a price on that? Neither can we.

Financial planning

Make a budget. Making a budget is one of the most exciting things you can do with your time. Numbers and maths are fun, right? And there is nothing more satisfying than having a lovely spreadsheet to explain to you exactly why you are poor. Don’t worry about it we are all poor. This has no link to politics.

Try and count the bumps in Artex

Unless you have one of those posh ceilings where the Artex has been swirled. Or (heaven forbid) you have a none patterned ceiling. This is the challenge that keeps giving. You need good lighting in order to pull this off. It is easy to make mistakes so once you have finished it might be worth counting a second time to make sure you were accurate.

Of course…

It is okay to discuss Brexit and politics. It may seem like it dominates the headlines but there is a good reason for that. It does permeate your everyday life.

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