Why Regular Eggs Are Better Than Chocolate

With Easter on the horizon, we thought it best to start talking about it. One of Easter’s most important symbols is the humble egg. Sure, the chocolate versions are yummy. But the egg by itself is an underrated food. It has a wealth of uses, so let’s take a look at what you can do with an egg!

Egg and soldiers

Does anyone still actually own egg cups? They are so uncommon these days. They are a worthwhile investment just so you can enjoy this British delicacy. Getting an egg that is still dippy in the middle is an art form! The key is to bring the water back to the boil after putting in your eggs and then cooking for four minutes.

Fried egg

You could have an article based solely on methods of frying an egg! From over easy, to sunny side up everyone likes their fried egg done differently. There are even some people who like “egg snot”. Most of them are in custody though.

Boiled egg sarnie

Making one of these can be a labour of love. You are not legally obliged to have cress with it, but it is frowned upon if you don’t. For best results slice the egg while still warm and grind on a bit of salt and pepper.


Basically, a Welsh delicacy, or at least if you watch Gavin and Stacey you might think they are. You can have a plain omelette but they are so versatile you can pop pretty much any fresh meat or veg in there. But don’t skimp on the cheese!


Okay so these beauties need a few extra ingredients, but they are well worth the effort. It’s such a shame we English folk only see fit to have them once a year.

Scrambled egg

You can easily make scrambled egg in the microwave. However, it is well worth taking the extra time to make it on the hob for a much silkier and moist version of the dish. Add a tiny splash of milk and generous amounts of pepper for a yummy treat.

Poached egg

Egg poaching pans used to be quite common for perfectly rounded eggs. These days it is considered just as easy to “free poach”. Once again there is an art form to getting the eggs cooked perfectly with a deliciously runny yolk.

Devilled eggs

The close cousin to the humble hard-boiled egg. The yolks are removed and mixed with mayo and mustard before being popped back into the white for a yummy, upmarket starter or snack.

Eggs Benedict

Say what you like about Americans but they know how to look after an egg. Eggs Benedict originated over the pond and consists of poached eggs on top of a toasted English muffin and bacon or ham, covered in a hollandaise sauce. Delicious.


See, eggs work as both a main course and a dessert! You don’t get much more versatile than that. A simple meringue is made by whipping egg whites with sugar. When done right they give a beautiful crisp and gooey dessert.


You may have wondered what the difference between a frittata and an omelette is. They are very similar after all. A frittata is cooking slowly over low heat and whereas in an omelette the fillings are put within the cooked omelette which is then folded, in a frittata the filling is cooked as part of the mixture.

Egg mayo

One of the greatest sandwich fillers out there. Simply take peeled, boiled eggs, add mayonnaise (or salad cream for a tangy alternative) and apply fork. Just beware, egg sarnies can get a bit smelly!

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