7 Surprising Things That Make A Good Kiss


1. Practicing Your Techniques
There are a lot of different tips, techniques, tactics, and ideas that you can use when knowing how to kiss your partner well, and typically, doing them all perfectly the first time you try them just isn’t realistic. However, mastering these kissing techniques is easily accomplished if you take a little time and patience into learning and getting to know your partner. Naturally, it’s bound to be sometimes a little bit awkward when you try something new, but in time it’ll come easy and your partner will be more comfortable around you.

2. Making Eye Contact
Closing your eyes during a kiss may be the way to go, but making eye contact beforehand can take things to the next level.

“Before you kiss your partner, look them in the eyes,” Irina Baechle, LCSW, relationship therapist and dating coach says. “There’s nothing more intimate and vulnerable than eye contact between two people. Don’t take it for granted.”

3. Not Making Your Tongue The Star Of The Show
A kiss without any tongue at all is perfectly fine, but when you’re ready to take it to the next level, according to professionals, opening your mouth just a little wider and gently touching your tongue against your partner’s, lets your partner know that you’re interested to “play around” together.

However, according to professionals, one common rookie mistake is trying to stick your whole tongue down someone’s throat. At the very least, you’ll create an awkward moment; at the worst, you’ll become an embarrassing story your partner tells for years. Seemingly, a little goes a long way in this area.

4. Using Your Hands Wisely
The best spots to place your hands are along ​your partner’s neck, jaw, or waist, or on the back of your partner’s head. If you want to be extra-romantic, softly cup your partner’s face. According to professionals, using your hands while you kiss helps make things far more romantic, sensual, and tender and can lead to an all-round better experience for you both.

5. Tilting Your Head
A 2017 study published in the journal Scientific Reports found that a majority of people tilt their head to the right when they go in for a kiss. In fact, many people don’t typically realise they are doing it because it just happens so naturally.

As the team of psychologists and neuroscientists found, humans are hardwired to lean towards the right. But if you’re the type to lean towards the left, there’s nothing to worry about as long as you do the initiating. According to the study, recipients have a natural tendency to match their kissing partner’s head tilt in order to make it more comfortable. When participants were told to mirror their partner’s head tilt direction, it didn’t go over as well. They reported that kissing this way made it more uncomfortable.

6. Not Obsessing About Your Breath
Your breath doesn’t need to be any more minty-fresh than your kissing partner’s. (For instance, if you both just had dinner together.) Simply bringing some mints or some gum with you is enough, without popping them obsessively. which according to professionals is actually a turn-off due to looking over-eager.

7. Making It Last Approximately 10 Seconds
According to a 2017 survey conducted by Match found that the “ideal” first kiss doesn’t last very long at all. In fact, the survey of over 3,000 men and women discovered that the ideal kiss  duration should actually only last around about 10 seconds long. Pretty shocking, right?

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