How To Figure Out If That Tinder Match Is A Player

If you are on any dating site and the opening paragraph of your bio says something along the lines of “If you are just looking for sex, move along” then it may be that you are tired of guys/girls with one thing on their mind. (Let’s be honest, it’s mostly guys!)


You would think that a line like this might put off those that are looking for a sex buddy. Apparently not. If anything the players will probably just see this as a challenge. What this means is that if you are searching for the love of your life, a partner to settle down with, then you are navigating a potential minefield. With that in mind, if you want to avoid wasting time with a player you need to become an expert at reading behind the lines.

Their pictures

You can tell a lot about a person by the type of pictures they include on their dating profile. Actually this goes for their social media accounts too. If all of their pictures are selfies it means they probably aren’t particularly social. If they include gym selfies or a selfie with their top off it means they are confident but it also means they probably love themselves.

If you are looking for love look for someone with a nice mix of pictures. A pic of them with their mates at the pub is a good sign. If they are all pictures at the pub, they might have a problem! In particular if they have a picture of doing something interesting this is a good sign. A person’s choice of pictures probably tells you a lot about them.

Profile language

There are some key phrases that mya tip you off as to the sort of person you are dealing with. If they say something along the lines of “I may not be the best looking…” it means they are insecure about their looks. While insecurity isn’t sexy, modesty isn’t a trait you’d associate with a player.

“I’m up for fun” perhaps when they wrote this they meant that they like playing board games or going to the theatre. But to be honest if somebody has specialist activities they find fun they will probably mention them. In the modern dating world fun equals fornication. Sad but true.

Beware the “nice guy”

Some players are so obvious it isn’t even funny. Beware of the nice guy. The guy with the profile that says they are looking for the love of their life. I mean most of you will be put off by the fact that this person is a total wettie, however it may seem appealing to some. And yes some guys will mean this wholeheartedly but it could be a rouse. Guys are not beyond dangling the carrot of commitment to get laid. On behalf of our kind, we are sorry.

The chat

If you have decided to bite the bullet and engage in a conversation with a guy this will be the greatest indication of what they are after. We all want someone who is good with the chat and a certain amount of flirting is what makes things fun. In fact I would flat out say if the person you are chatting with doesn’t say anything remotely smutty then why bother? Seriously, who wants that life?

The time to beware is when all they talk about is sex. Not every message should be an innuendo and if it is they probably want to get in your endo…wait, that didn’t really work did it? You get the point though; if you are worried that a guy only has one thing on his mind you can usually tell by the way they talk with you.

While these tips will help you spot a player, remember guys can change their mind. Perhaps you weren’t played but you were the right girl at the wrong time. Chalk it up to experience; it was about them not you. You are brilliant.

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