Stuck For Mothers Day Pressies? We’ve Got Your Back

It is fast approaching mother’s day and scared husbands, children, and grandchildren everywhere are quaking in their boots because they don’t know what to get and Pound land is all out of cheapie choccies. It’s not like the good old days where you only had to get YOUR mum a card, either. Don’t worry we have some suggestions for you.

The obvious contenders

I am not going to insult your intelligence. You know it is perfectly fine to get your dear mum choccies and flowers on mothers day, right? Of all of the celebrations that we endure during the year mother’s day is the one where it is the most socially acceptable to be generic. So by all means, show a total lack of imagination – unless it is for your wife from the kids, if that’s the case there’s a bit more riding on it!


This is especially good if you don’t often get to see your folks. Parents love a good photo. For bonus points put them in a funky frame. This can be a good budget pressie especially if you shop online; companies like Snapfish are always running promotions.

Joke pressie – cleaning goods

If your mum has a warped sense of humour buy her some washing up liquid. Not only will it be hilarious it is also really practical. There are not enough practical gifts these days.

Take her out for a meal

If you really can’t think of anything nice to get her, get her the gift of your time. In general parents tend to like the children they squeeze out and showing that you want to spend time with them will make them feel like destroying their lady garden (or maybe stomach) was worth the effort. Most restaurants will have offers on but will also be well-booked, get on the phone now to avoid disappointment.


Okay you could say this is like flowers. But flowers will die after just a few days of looking pretty. A well-kept pot plant could be a gift for life. And since you moved out she’s had nobody to look after, so the pot plant is a bit like a child patch. Not comparing having children to smoking but both are detrimental to your health!

Teddy bears

Okay, granted this is another obvious one. But you can pick them up nice and cheap and who doesn’t like teddies? What do you mean all adults humans? Bloody naysayers, always naysaying!

Customised glasses

These are available online and can have the words that you choose engraved on them. Make it really special by writing her a poem. You may not have the gift of the gab but if the words come from you then they will mean so much more.

A vase

How many people end up stuffing their flowers in an old jam jar? Vases seem to be going out of fashion, they are almost as rare as an egg cup in this day and age. Why not buy her a lovely decorative vase to accompany your generic posy.

Family Tree picture

Again this may take a bit of research and effort but it shows you care. You can get custom family trees printed online, simply add a posh frame and bob’s your uncle – whatever that means.

Charm bracelet

If you are feeling particularly flush pick her up a charm bracelet and you are creating gift opportunities for the rest of your life. Every birthday, mother’s day and Christmas you can just get her a new charm. It is the gift that keeps giving.

A bottle of bubbly

Come on you must know what your mum’s tipple is. Get her a big bottle, brand names, please. Nobody wants a bottle of Asda’s own gin for mother’s day!

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