The Versed Ranks The Best Villains In Gotham

Gotham is coming close to the end of its run on our screens. As the final series draws to a close we are left to reflect on a stellar TV show with some awesome villains. In a strange way some of the villains stole the show. Here is a list of Gotham’s best baddies.

Mr Freeze

Not unlike the sole film incarnation – Gotham’s take on Mr Freeze was bad and he was relegated to being a henchman for better bad guys.

Sal Maroni

A major player in the first series of Gotham. His war with Falcone was intriguing and at one point it seemed he would seize Gotham for himself.

Dr Strange

Although he gets a lot of screen time and is involved in some prominent stories his character is a little bland.


One of the cooler “bit part” villains, mainly because she carries around a frigging flamethrower! However her character is never really fleshed out.


Does not live up to the high standard set by the movie’s version of this character. The costume is cool, the character? Not so much.


Although she becomes a regular character and she does have it in her to kick ass and take names, she never gets any really exciting stories.

Court Of Owls

Although they are effectively running the city they don’t seem that menacing. Perhaps it’s the lame masks?

Theo Galavan/Azrael

Although he was the second series most prominent villain he was a little bland. Involved in some key plot points but never really made a mark.

Captain Barnes

He was better as a good guy. His performance as the executioner felt a little stunted. He still came across as a threat though.


Always the henchman, never the bride! I thought Butch came into his own as Solomon Grundy.

Ra’s Al Ghul

The main protagonist in the fourth season. Had the unenviable task of trying to better the performance of Liam Neeson in the movie version.

Carmine Falcone

Plays the crime boss role perfectly. A steely performance throughout the series. In a show based around superheroes he manages to seem menacing without powers.

Poison Ivy

Underrated! Her character had the potential to do so much more. It was great seeing how she developed and how she was slightly unhinged but it would have been cool to see her become a bigger player.

The Doll maker

Although his run was short lived he was an interesting character. Makes the list more so for his creations though. Some of them were truly horrific.

Barbara Kean

It’s hard to believe that Barbara Kean eventually goes on to marry Gordon. The show twists the character dramatically making her a perverse crime boss hungry for power.

Jerome Valeska

Not as good as Ledger but better than Leto! Of course he isn’t “the joker” wink wink. He does bring a nice balance to things with the joker’s typical brand of chaos.

Victor Zsasz

Sceptics may question how a simple bodyguard/assassin features so high on the list. Mainly because he is frigging cool! Yes he is pretty evil but it’s hard not to like him when he smiles through his murders.

Ed Nygma

Come on, admit it, you were a bit sad when he killed Kris. Due to the way he was bullied you couldn’t really help but root for Ed…sorry, Riddler.

Fish Mooney

I hadn’t even heard of her before the show started but the character steals the show thanks to the fine acting by Jada Pinkett Smith

The Penguin

Robin Lord Taylor has truly elevated the character, transforming him into a snivelling, but cunning weasel who manipulates his way to being one of the most powerful people in Gotham.

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