Summer’s Coming So Enjoy These Hot Drinks While You Can

With the hot weather fast approaching we all switch to delicious ice drinks. Conventional wisdom dictates that a hot drink just doesn’t quench your thirst. However, there is no doubt that hot drinks can be yummy and here are some of the best money can buy.

Hot chocolate

There are two ways to have a delicious hot chocolate. The first one is to have it with marshmallows melting within it and squirty cream on top with a Cadburys flake dipped in for good measure. The other way to have it is to be boring. You can get hot chocolate drinks mixed with hot water, but it is far more luxurious made with milk. For an extra special treat make it with double cream. Yum.


You could (and in fact we have) write an article based on the various types of coffee you can get. From instant coffee, to filter, to all of those fancy ones that you can get from your local coffee shop. The caffeinated beverage is one of the most popular in the universe. Ranked.


This drink is closely associated with Great Britain. It isn’t as popular as it was back in “the olden days” but can still be found in larger supermarkets. It is a meaty, yeasty drink that comes in a similar jar to marmite and is equally divisive. The spread is mixed with warm water or milk to make it into a meaty drink.


I’m talking about a good old fashioned British cup of tea. None of that fruity nonsense! (Although that is next on the list) taken with milk and if you are feeling particularly rebellious a spoonful of sugar. Two? Two sugars? You are a disgrace to Great Britain.


Fruit/green teas

These have become progressively popular over the past few years as civilisation looks at their health with increasing scrutiny. The draw of a fruit tea is they have next to no calories and quite often have health benefits. Also they are quite yummy.


When I was a kid I loved a mug of Horlicks. I especially liked it when it was “lumpy”. Lumpy Horlicks is when a “lump” of powder doesn’t mix properly giving an almost toffee-like lump at the bottom of your cup. These are nothing if not delicious.

Hot toddy

These are quite often used when you are feeling a bit off-colour. Also known by some to be a hangover cure. The warm beverage consists of a spirit, usually whisky, mixed with honey and occasionally with a piece of lemon for good measure. Some people’s take on the drink includes herbs.

Mulled wine

Admittedly we seldom drink this unless Santa is imminent (yes I realise he isn’t real) but it is a really great way to use old bottles of cheap red wine! Make your own by boiling up fruit and Christmas spices in a pan with your cheapie wine. It puts a warm feeling in your tum and a smile on your face. Roll on Chrimbo!


Bouillon especially is used as a drink, but there are swathes of soups that are served in a mug. In fact such is the popularity of drinking soup that there are a range of soups made especially for the task. Who doesn’t love a Cup-a-soup?


The traditional Asian drink, with pain killing properties is a wine made from rice. It can be served cold but is equally at home served warm.

Irish Coffee

Okay so this does contain coffee but it’s a very different take on the beverage, mixing it with whiskey and brown sugar before pouring double cream over the back of a spoon to give a delicious drink.

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