These Tricks Are How Fast Food Joints Make So Much Money

It probably wouldn’t surprise anybody to know that fast food restaurants want your money. Let’s be honest here, most establishments want your money. Fast food chains are exceptionally good at getting said money. Here are some of the tricks they employ to achieve that goal.

All about the drinks

There is a lot of profit to be made in selling drinks, far more than in the food itself. The reason for this is because the drinks are simply syrup mixed with carbonated water. The profit margin on them is great. Plus they will usually give you a large serving of ice, so they use even less of their drink syrup. Selling drinks is a great way for fast food joints to make money and so brings you on to the next trick up their sleeve.

The combo

Fast food joints love it when you order combo meals, for lots of reasons. Firstly it means whether you really want one or not you are getting a drink, which is an item they make a decent profit on. Also by selling these combos they are more in control. These are the meals that are easiest to prepare which means they get churned out more efficiently which means that more food can be sold. Yes it is fair to say that if you tally up the price of the individual items you are going to make a saving by getting the meal, but usually only a few pence.

The old salt trick

Ever gone to Maccys and enjoyed a really salty fry? We all love the salty goodness of their chips but this is done for a good reason. Salt makes you more thirsty which encourages you to buy a drink to quench you thirst. Wait a minute where was it fast food places made all their profit again?


Cheese bites, little mini chicken bites, anything along these lines usually costs around a quid and might seem like a very cheap way to bulk out your meal. But these things are usually tiny and you only get a small amount. Nip to your local supermarket and see how much it costs a regular consumer to get an entire packet of these pre-made delicacies and do the maths. Even though they seem cheap the fast food places make a small fortune on these additions alone.


Compare the menus in a fast food joint to the menu in a regular restaurant. They are pretty different, right? I don’t have to explain why the visuals are given a prominence over the price do I? And there is a reason they have the meals suspended over the walls with no way of seeing what is on offer until you get closer. They want you to be under pressure when you get there so you’ll look up see the delicious looking combo meal and order that because it is what makes them the most money. They will also put their best money spinners on the left hand side. Why? Because we read from left to right so that is where our attention is drawn.

Savers menu

Yes this does exist, ever noticed how it is tucked out of the way though? Ultimately most people just use it for add-ons to their main order anyway!


You would think that kiosks might cost the companies money; well they don’t, firstly according to take away big wigs people tend to spend more time at the kiosks and therefore order more food. They also have the added bonus of making everything more streamlined and if a fast food chain is running faster it can make more money!

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