Chip Shops Have Been Lying For Decades – That Isn’t Vinegar!

What if I told you that everything you knew about life was a lie? Okay so that is a bit melodramatic. What if I told you that when the chip shop asks you if you want salt and vinegar on your chips what they are giving you isn’t actually vinegar at all. Mind blown? It’s about to be.

What is it then?

Don’t panic it isn’t toxic waste or the bodily fluids of an overweight member of the mammal family. It is however chemical-based. That shouldn’t induce panic. Chemicals are everywhere. People who panic over putting chemicals in their body seem to forget that your body is already full of various chemicals! In fact chemicals are everywhere and they all serve different functions and purposes. They aren’t necessarily things that should be feared. And when people use natural remedies, it is the chemicals found in plants and flowers that are providing the benefit.

So what chemicals make up this vinegar imposter? Well it’s mainly water and Ethanoic Acid, or acetic acid as it is more commonly known. Other than that there are just a few flavourings and colourings added for good measure. Am I the only one who doesn’t care about the colour of my vinegar? I mean brown isn’t exactly an appealing colour is it?

Why are they doing this?

It is not to punish you! There are several reasons why it is better for them to use this fake vinegar. Firstly and probably most importantly it is the cost of it. This fake vinegar does not need to be distilled unlike real vinegar. That process is time consuming and expensive and that expense is passed on to the person purchasing it, IE the chip shop. It is also possible to make it into a concentrate and distribute it that way; this again cuts down on the cost. However there have been a couple of recorded cases where sloppy chippy owners forgot to do this and the results were disturbing. Nobody wants to be ingesting a concentrated acid solution!

Unlikely ramifications?

Ultimately by claiming that this chemical solution is vinegar when it actually isn’t they are breaking the law. Every chip shop that uses this product, and that is most of them, are contravening health and safety rules. They could all get into serious trouble for it, but they never do? Why not? Well, what would be the point? For starters if you did it to one shop you’d have to do it to everyone and that would mean a lot of businesses in trouble. The punishment wouldn’t be a fine either so the food standards agency would just be causing themselves a lot of work and not making any money from it. And finally, who is hurting? Now that you know are you going to stop asking for salt and vinegar?

Does it matter?

Ultimately it doesn’t really matter at all. The effect it has on the human body is basically identical to regular vinegar. It is not like the difference between margarine and butter. In that instance the changes have a real effect on the products taste and the way that it affects your body. If you labelled your margarine as butter you would have a lot unhappy punters, not just because of the taste but because the difference of the effect on your body. That isn’t the case in this great vinegar scandal. Ultimately the difference is really just in the taste. I can’t be the only person who thinks that fish and chip shop vinegar tastes better than the regular stuff anyway? I mean it may be made from chemicals, but if it tastes better than why not stick with it?

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